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practically impractical: pattern anthology winter wonderland collection

so a couple of months ago i got an email, basically saying hey wanna be a part of the PATTERN ANTHOLOGY WINTER WONDERLAND COLLECTION BLOG TOUR? to which i promptly said YES. der. srsly. i’m no dummy.

and then they sent photos of the patterns and asked which we’d like to do and i was all that one, and that one, and that one and ALL OF THEM.

no, really. i wanted to make all of them. but i decided to be a good girl. a Practical Momma who would a)evaluate what my girls actually needed, and b) sew from my stash instead of buying more fabric. so it was a pair of Tree Climber Trousers for Elliot,who desperately needs more pants, refashioned from a pair of my stretch jeans with a busted zipper, and an Amaryllis dress for Gigi, who—shockingly—needs more dresses.

this was absolutely my intention. even as i drove to the fabric storejust to look, it was still my intention. but when $2/yard lovely drapey navy cottons, and the PERFECT wintery lining—also $2/yard!—just JUMP right out at you…well. what’s a girl to do?

what’s a girl to do? i’ll tell you what a girl’s to do: she starts with the practical. the necessary. the reasonable.

the upcycled Tree Climber Trousers, and the sturdy navy Amaryllis Dress.

IMG_6069_0871winter wonderland

cute, right? and then i packed up my sewing machine thankyouandgoodnight.

IMG_6075_0878winter wonderland

yeah, that was a good one. i mean, you’ve seen the winter wonderland collection, haven’t you?

behold: the golden mocha brown taffeta matching AMARYLLIS DRESSES and matching fuzzy JULIET CAPELETS.

IMG_6013_0825winter wonderlandwinter wonderlandhow about now

IMG_6015_0827reasonable and practical can go lay an egg.

let’s talk about these, shall we?

elliot and gigi both have an amaryllis dress, which—get this—is reversible! one side is done in the navy cotton, one side in this taffeta i had in the stash (actually an upholstery remnant my baby daddy brought home for me. he’s good like that. i put them through the washer and dryer before using. that’s my litmus test on whether it will work as kid’s clothes).
this pattern is from melissa of BLANK SLATE PATTERNS, and it’s AWESOME. seriously. it is based it off a vintage pattern, the fit is adorable, the design is adorable, really i can’t say enough about this dress. 

and i 150% wish i had better photos of just the dress—but it was so cold there was no cape removal, and so overcast that my inside shots are a blur. but trust me—these dresses are crazy cute.

the dress is made to be one piece that goes over the head. the front goes around to the  back and snaps, and the back comes around the front and ties in a bow.

one side practical, one side party so you’re ready for anything. it’s like the mullet of dresses.

except, no.

moving on: the capelets. THE CAPELETS. i think even edna mode would change her mind if she saw these.

IMG_6022_0834winter wonderland_edited-1

the JULIET CAPELET (ha! prize for best name to kate) is from SEE KATE SEW patterns. its a super quick sew with two hood options—rounded or pixie.

IMG_6016_0828winter wonderland

obviously i did one of each ;) i also cut elliot’s size 3 to the length of the size 5, and gigi’s size 5 got an extra inch of length. and e’s got a yarn poof on the hood, because OH MY WORD THE CUTE.

IMG_6027_0838winter wonderland

they’re made from this fuzzy fluffy stuff from joann’s, which you must cut with scissors in one hand and a vacuum in the other. particularly if you’re cutting on your dining room table like i was. fuzzy food is never fun.

it’s lined with this winter wonderland/ski resort themed lining fabric i got for $2/yard!!! woohoo! i know nothing about it, save that it looks vintage and i love it. and based on some of the other fabrics in the shop, there’s probably a better than good chance that it is real vintage. ha.

IMG_6024_0836winter wonderland

IMG_6096winter wonderland

this lining fabric is what dictated the color scheme for the entire outfit. i love it that much.

so i put them in their matching twirly dresses and fluffy capes and they look like the most adorable little squishy elf pixie fuzzy wuzzy things i ate them both for breakfast the end.

IMG_6099winter wonderland

okay, i didn’t eat them really. but when i got them all dressed there may have been teenage fangirl level squealing accompanied by excited clapping of hands. ::cough cough jeremy cough cough::

IMG_6032_0843winter wonderland

obviously not from gigi, who was clearly less than thrilled about being outside for photos. elliot, on the other hand, was pleased as punch and super cooperative. (note to self: bribery with donuts works wonders on e)

IMG_6019_0831winter wonderland

together this capelet and dress set make one ridiculously adorable outfit, no? but i have an entire second set of outfits to discuss…

IMG_6053_0858winter wonderland

and this time gigi was much more cooperative—due partly to being dressed a little warmer, and partly (mainly) due to the fact that we told her she looked like a little french girl. she practiced saying “bonjour. je m’appelle gigi” the entire way across the street.

IMG_6054_0859winter wonderland

so yes, this is the same AMARYLLIS DRESS as in the above photos, simply flipped around so the navy cotton side is showing. cool, right? it looks adorable as a little jumper for the cooler weather, and with a matching beret your little gal will be tres magnifique. vraiment. ;)

and for ms. e we have a lovely pair of TREE CLIMBER TROUSERS.

IMG_6057_0861winter wonderland

these bad boys are the brain child of andrea, who designs and curates GoTo PATTERNS, and also looks a scarily large amount like my own mother. so i can never be mean to her.

elliot is in desperate need of pants, and these fit the bill perfectly—and not just because they cost all of $0.the fit is great—and that’s even with my alterations to the pattern.

some were NBD. exhibit A: the lines of decorative stitching i added to the back pockets…


and the front pockets, which i also cut into a more curved shape than what the pattern has.

IMG_6066_0869winter wonderland

but i reused the waistband and button from my pants—never even took the button off, just lined it up and stitched it on. and i eliminated the reinforced knee pads, just cutting the front legs in one piece rather than the three of the pattern.

and i love them.  wanna hear something crazy? besides stretch pants and jammie pants, which don’t really count as sewing pants IMO, as best as i can recall this is the 2nd pair of pants i’ve ever made. harrison’s suit pants being the first.

crazy, i know.

IMG_6067_0870winter wonderland

now let’s talk about the nuts in the photos. together these two are quite the pair.

a new development: elliot is turning into gigi’s mini-me. whatever gigi does, elliots watches…

IMG_6069_0871winter wonderland

and copies…

IMG_6072_0875winter wonderland

IMG_6073_0876winter wonderland

IMG_6076_0879winter wonderland

oh man are we in for some serious trouble.


and there you have it, folks! there are even more patterns in the PATTERN ANTHOLOGY WINTER WONDERLAND COLLECTION, which you can buy complete here:


or you can buy just the BOY’S collection and GIRL’S collections separately!


IMG_6093_0897winter wonderland

disclaimer: none of the links in this post are affiliate links, i just put them there because i love you and the pattern designers. i wasn’t compensated in any way for this post, but i did receive copies of the patterns for review purposes. all opinions are my own, cause i have enough of my own and i don’t need anyone else’s. pffft.

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  1. Wow!! You've been busy. These photos are adorable! And I love the curve of that pocket. It's totally perfect!!

  2. wow!!! great job!!!! I LOVE the dresses and the CAPES!!! OMG!!!!! i want but can't sew so you know, if you need to lighten your stash of girl clothing, send my way! :)

  3. Oh my goodness these outfits are perfection! Those photos are stunning and I adore the cape and the dress together so perfectly winter wonderlandy just perfection!

  4. Those DRESSES! Love them! I'm not much of a pattern-user but I'm eye-ing that one pretty hard. And the capelets look so soft and cozy! I'll make sure to keep a vacuum handy if I ever use cuddle fabric. =) I love the matching beret too.

  5. HAHAH - the mullet of dresses! Love it. Thanks for being on the tour.

  6. shannon these are so cute!! thank you so much! I love the matching capelets, they are adorable!

  7. There's so much adorableness going on here, I can barely stand it. Plus, you're funny as all get out. (But you know that already, don't you?) Great job on the dresses, upcycled pants and squishy elf pixie capelet. I think the only thing you could have done was eat them all up for breakfast the end. The End.


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