who (is the momma?)

who am I?

wow, these things are hard. Do I joke? Am I serious? i guess we can start with just the facts.


shannon, the googiemomma
 I am a wife, going on 16 years, to a Mr. googiedaddy (not what he goes by in real life). I am aged....um, old enough to have 5 kids. Sigh.

 jeremy, the googiedaddy
my other half (and not in a weird multiple personality sort of way) Makes me laugh, makes me happy. also serves as the muscle in this operation.

there are five googies here. and when i get myself together enough to take some updated photos of them, i'll be sure to add them in here. 
in the meantime...

guinevere, the oldest.
the quintessential "oldest child". she's my sidekick, and the best kid anyone could ask for. she's paving the way as we begin to navigate the teen years, but i think we're getting off a little too easy with this one.

harrison, the only boy.
11 years old and 175% boy. he's surrounded by 4 sisters, but holds his own quite well thankyouverymuch. he makes up for being the only boy by making sure he's the only boy we need.

ava, the middlest.
age 9. she's a joker, and she's a princess. winner of "best eyes", as voted by ummm...me. at 9 years old she's equal parts your Greatest Helper and the kid who doesn't want to doooo annnyyything. or, equal parts lovable and frustrating. 

gisele, who needs no introduction.
age 5. she loves cats. all day, erry day. in a pinch she'll settle for santino burrito, our recently acquired chihuahua. this kid is wise beyond her years and has a knack for befriending and amusing everyone she meets. 

elliot, the caboose.
age 2, and she takes that responsibility very seriously. she is resident Boss of All, drama llama extraordinaire. snuggles like a pro, is completely convinced she is a princess, and doesn't go anywhere unless she's wearing a dress and SHOES. even to bed.

why "googies"?
 it's the term my dad coined for his grandbabies, and now its kind of stuck.

Yes, 5. Yes, they're all mine. Yes, I was actually voted "most likely to have the most kids east of the Mississippi" in high school. Or something like that.

I sew, but not well. I kind of make it up as I go.

I bake, but not well. I kind of make it up as I go.

I take pictures, but not well. I kind of make it up as I go.
I think I may be slightly ADD, since I can't seem to stick with one project long enough to finish it. 

enjoy the ride. i certainly am.
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