Thursday, May 7, 2009

fluffy bunny blanket {free pattern + tutorial}

how about a quick and cute sew for all the newborn babes in your life? or maybe a giant sized one for yourself, just because?

IMG_6722_2555bunny blanket

let’s get going…

-1 yard minky*
-1 yard flannel/other backing fabric*
*the minky i bought (from joann’s) is slightly wider than the flannel, so i had a bit of excess yardage of the minky to make the bunny head and arms from. if your two fabrics are the same width, i would get an extra 1/4 yard of the one you’ll be making the bunny from.
-small amount of stuffing
-small bit of embroidery floss
-thread, notions, etc.
-this pattern…

bunny pattern piecesbunny pattern

(right click and save to your computer. print at 100%)

+sewing notes+
this pattern includes a 3/8” seam allowance. i also recommend serging or zig-zagging your seam allowances to reinforce. hopefully your bunny will be getting lots of love. ;)

cut out all your pattern pieces:

IMG_6702_2535bunny blanket

sew each ear up, right sides together, along the long and curved edges. leave the bottom open for turning, and turn them right side out.
sew each arm up, right sides together, along the long and curved edges. leave the bottom open for turning, and turn right side out. lightly stuff the arms and baste them closed.

IMG_6703_2536bunny blanket

set your arm and ear pieces to the side and get your three head front pieces.

IMG_6705_2538bunny blanket

*optional: to help with attaching the back of the head later, fold the center head piece in half and mark the middle of it with a pin or small snip in the seam allowance.

now finish off the head front by adding in the chin piece.

IMG_6706_2539bunny blanketIMG_6707_2540bunny blanket

IMG_6708_2541bunny blanket

now to attach the front of the head and back of the head…

IMG_6710_2543bunny blanket

you’re sewing from one bottom corner of the neck, up and around the head and down to the other bottom corner of the neck, leaving the neck bottom open.

IMG_6712_2545bunny blanket

now you need to attach your unstuffed bunny head to your blanket! i cut my two pieces of fabric (the minky and the flannel) into equal sized rectangles. set the flannel (or whatever your backing is) to the side and continue…

IMG_6714_2547bunny blanket

IMG_6716_2549bunny blanket

i simply eyeballed where to put the arms. i found i liked them better fairly close to the head.

attaching the backing to the blanket…

IMG_6717_2550bunny blanket

make sure the head, ears and arms are safely out of the way when you’re attaching the blanket back. you can pin them out of the way if needed.

IMG_6718_2551bunny blanket

IMG_6720_2553 copybunny blanket

i used pins to play with the placement of the eyes and nose. it’s amazing how moving them up or down a smidge changes the whole look!

and there you have it. i think there’s a ton of ways to play with this pattern: add a bunny head to a beautiful baby quilt, shorten the ears and make him a bear, cut the blanket down to make a little toy…i’d love to hear any other ideas you come up with---or any finished projects you make!

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