Thursday, January 3, 2013

the crochet monster

it’s happening, and i didn’t even see it coming.

i mean, my love of handmade items is obvious. and my burgeoning love of crochet has been developing steadily over the last year or so.

but i’m pretty sure there’s an unwritten rule saying the grandmom-types are supposed to be the ones bringing the knit blankets and quilts and crochet items to baby showers. not the 30-somethings. right? 

we’ll call it the passing of the torch—albeit maybe a bit early. because the thing is, i can’t seem to stop myself. not when there’s things like this to be made:


yes, i could have simply run to the store and gotten a gift card (which i actually did do, to give along with the dress & hat). and that probably would have been the wiser, more practical avenue, seeing as i do have some other responsibilities in my day-to-day life.

but…why? i mean, you’ve seen this, right?


it’s so tiny and so delicate. i should have put something in the photos to give you an idea of size. it’s definitely for a newborn, and only a newborn.


just one skein of caron simply soft in a muted mossy green color (lighter than what it looks in these photos) bought on a whim because it was on clearance at walmart for about $2.50 (and which i threw away the wrapper for and so NO you can’t have the actual color name). and even after doing the dress and hat i still have a significant amount of yarn left.


the dress has three little buttons in the back, and i think it would look adorable with a long sleeve onesie and tights underneath.

the dress pattern is the angel wings pinafore from bev’s country cottage.


i eliminated the last row of edging and did three buttons in the back. but it was quick and easy and—as we’ve already established-ridiculously adorable.

the hat is the shell stitch beanie from the dainty daisy. also a quick project, and the shell stitch is the same stitch used in the dress.


i was going to add a flower to the hat, but i’ve had this butterfly pinned forever and decided this was the perfect place for it.. butterfly pattern from marie’s making. all the patterns are free, and i found them on ravelry.


this was a quick series of events: the shower was planned within a week. i made the dress and hat up on saturday, the shower was sunday, and surprise! baby arrived monday. i have yet to meet her, but i know what she better be wearing when i do ;) you don’t want to make this monster angry.

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  1. wow - it's so cute. Well done! And I don't think grannies are the only onew making these

  2. Used to be that every age crocheted or knit... then for a while it was only the grandmas but I think it is starting to be popular for younger people to crochet and knit again. =) My sisters and sils all crochet or knit, and most of them are teens.

    I love this little outfit! Especially the butterfly on the hat. =) I love the color too, not something I usually see in baby girl clothing, but this outfit is definitely still feminine. =)

  3. PS... love that last line. "You don't want to make this monster angry" lol

  4. 1. Um, adorable.
    2. When I get pregnant again will you please, please make me one of these? I will for SURE be positive to have a girl if you do.
    3. Sooo... save some of these for this year's Yarn it All, would you? Oh, by the way, do you want to do Yarn it All again? I have ideas if you do!!

  5. This is georgous and Grama would be so proud. Me, on the other hand, so jealous! I can't read stinkin' crochet patterns!!!


  6. well you didnt get your talent from your mother, i guess it skipped a generation, lovely ma

  7. The pattern calls for sport yarn, but yours is worsted. Was there a big difference in size?

    1. no i don't think so. it's a very tiny dress either way!

  8. I love this pattern it's so easy to crochet " I just finished it in peach and white for my grand daughter! !! Nancy M


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