Wednesday, November 14, 2012


i was so determined that she would wear this dress on sunday—despite not being finished.


jeremy, can you make the little girls some eggs or something? my fingers were flying along that last sleeve. the sleeves had given me trouble saturday night—frogged twice before i set it aside at midnight in favor of sleep.


the pattern only went up to size 12 months. my chubby 17 month old was pushing it. but the stretch of the yarn + an additional couple of rows made it do-able.


do-able now—not 2 months from now, and with the way this kid grows maybe not even 2 weeks from now. so this sunday it was.


and NO. you absolutely may NOT take away her book and try for a nice full body shot. you will suffer the wrath of Child Approaching Terrible Twos.


pattern found {here}, yarn is caron simply soft in what i believe is called antique white, and black. i added 4 rows of black to the bodice and left off the last row of scallops on the hem because i couldn’t figure it out. i also changed the sleeves to make simple flutter sleeves.


i’m pretty sure my favorite part is the back button placket. i’m pretty dang proud of how that turned out, considering i’ve basically been crocheting for about a year.


the openwork of the skirt is nothing a black diaper cover and tights can’t compensate for.



diaper cover basic pattern from {here}. i eliminated the leg cuffs and did two rows of the v-stitch on the dress pattern around the leg openings.


what i also should have done was made the elastic in the waist a little smaller—okay for sitting pretty, not so much for running.


(guinevere’s fall colored bias strip dress blogged {here})

i feel like a Real Crocheter now. i’ve branched out—tackled more than a basic scarf or hat. crochet makes sense to my brain in a way knitting doesn’t, and i find i can move faster and easier—the repetitive motions are relaxing.

i’m still working on my blanket, and i said to jeremy last night that when i look over the length of what i’ve done i’m amazed to think that my hands have done every single one of those tiny stitches. i’ve literally touched every single thread of that blanket.

hopefully i’ve filled it with love. because that’s definitely what i feel as i’m working on it. ;)


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  1. how incredibly sweet! and yes, those black buttons are perfect. go googs, go! you know knitting is juuuuust around the corner right? ;)

    1. hehe...i have basic knitting skills. and honestly i prefer the look of knit....oh man. this is bad.

  2. oh my gosh, it's so pretty! way to go!!!

  3. Aww, it's so sweet! You are definitely a real crocheter! =) And the pictures of the diaper cover falling off are priceless.

    1. thanks! i probably should have qualified that she was ok from the bumps or bruises. and the dress was fine too ;)

  4. It turned out beautiful. She looks adorable! You did that really fast!!!


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