Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wordless(ish) wednesday: cooking up trouble

my middle two—harrison and ava—have developed quite the love of cooking lately.


if you follow me on instagram you’ve seen some pics of my breakfast in bed, and last nights adventures in chocolate.


opa—always one to encourage a love of both cooking and reading (two subjects about which he’s passionate)—gifted my little chefs with this…


the source of many of our…err…delightful culinary adventures, shall we say?

thanks for that, opa.

and so i fight my worst type-A traits, allowing them to mash and beat and mix and stir and cook…


and i swallow my annoyance at a broken smoothie maker. it’s just a smoothie maker, after all.

and i choke down enjoy nutmeg eggs (???!??!) and lemon apples and watery “iced” coffee. IMG_2452_edited-1

(this morning’s breakfast—two plates of eggs, pancakes, apples, oranges, french toast and a frozen waffle. all for me.)

memories, folks.

it’s all about the memories.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am glad I am not the only "grin and bare it" mom out there!


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