Tuesday, February 7, 2012

cupcakery and (im)partiality

so i apologize in advance. because yesterday’s post was monthly pictures of five looking quite adorable (if i do say so myself), but i for real wasn’t lying when i said it’s my all time fav age, and so today’s post will now be full of gratuitous photos of five.


but really. how am i supposed to stop myself when the little ham does stuff like this?


i started with a purpose: to show the hat i finished up last week.


a swirly pink cupcake with a cherry on top.

but ms. Big Shot—who has discovered the thrill of pulling up on things--started with the crazy.
apparently banging your hands on the ottoman is the epitome of funny.

so we present a performance piece, entitled,
“Banging Your Hands on the Ottoman is the Epitome of Funny, Wait, What’s That On My Head?”

Created with flickr slideshow.


i hear there's quite the oscar buzz around this film.
okay, so what was i saying?
right—the hat.
i got the idea from the cupcake hat found here. and the swirly top was a tutorial i pinned from here. i just blended the two together.
(you can check out my crochet/knit pinterest board here, aptly named “i need another hobby like i need a hole in the head")

and i’m pretty sure it’s ridiculously adorable in all the right ways.

and, you know, the chubby thighs don’t hurt none either.

goodbye, hat.

hellooooo, mommy.
IMG_9446_8566 IMG_9445_8565

i’m coming for you…
IMG_9449_8569 copy

okay, let’s take pictures. together.
cheesy smile!


ugh! no kisses!

i warned you…

okay, that’s it. i’m sorry. i promise—no more baby pictures for the rest of the week.

it’s just, you guys? how can you not laugh when you see this?

it’s like somebody just told her the FUNNIEST JOKE EVAH.


***i’m linking this project—because, YES, this post actually had a POINT and it was that i CROCHETED (huh? crochet? crochetd? croched? no, that can’t be right) MADE THIS HAT FROM YARN AND A CROCHET HOOK. so i’m linking it here…

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  1. haha, what a cutiepie. great crocheting! are you on ravelry? you'd love crocheting those cupcake purses. here are the ones i made.

  2. Um... this is the EPITOME of CUTE. Serious. That little slideshow? Yes, the hat is adorable and all... BUT what is succeeded in most is making me want another baby. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi there, what an adorable little sweetie and the hat is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  4. @ana--love those little cupcake bags! they're so cute! i am on ravelry...mainly just to look at other people's projects. i'm a ravelry stalker.

    @kimberly--no prob. i'm working on making the REST of the WORLD have 5+ children. mwahahahahaha!

    @chris--thanks chris! i'm coming over to check you out!

  5. I do believe the correct term is 'I am a hooker' ;D
    The slideshow cracked me up, the deadpan stare on her face as she stares at the offending hat and then the huge cheeky grin, ah, she slays me.
    My favorite age is 'fetus' but ask me when my kids decide they believe in sleeping again and I may change my opinion...


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