Wednesday, October 19, 2011


we attended gigi’s very first “princess party” this past saturday.


of course i couldn’t just buy a princess dress—seeing as they’re pretty much my most favorite thing in the world to sew.


the fun stuff. that’s where it’s at. sewing pillows—meh.


the pink chiffon with sparkly swirls was her pick.

(and in case you’re curious, this is not her being a good model. this is her being a stubborn 2 year old who WILL NOT LOOK AT THE CAMERA.)

the pink satin came from a gifted bolt—as in, “received from a friend”, not “an incredibly smart piece of fabric”.


i’ve determined that any house with an abundance of little girls should just have a massive bolt of pink satin at the ready.


we have both—the abundance of girls, and the yardage.

princess dress? boom. done.

so we practice our curtsies


and have a quick pre-party princess lunch…

IMG_7699_7003 (such health nuts we are)

and we’re off to the land of make-believe.


actually, both the little princesses in the house were invited.

for ms. e, however, we went with a more classical princess look.


that’s right, boys. this sleeping beauty has it going. on.

can you tell how much she loved her fluffy skirt?


doesn’t she look thrilled?

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  1. Ok, it's all very cute, especially that last photo. But the best part of this post is definitely the explanation of the "not an incredibly smart piece of fabric". I laughed out loud.


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