Tuesday, September 14, 2010

window box house number tutorial!

my super MIL gave me two plastic planter boxes that she wasn't using anymore.

so i took one and sprayed it black.

then put on a 'no. 27' in cream vinyl that i ordered from my new bff--shelley at wonderfully wordy. {if i don't get my own vinyl cutter at some point than i'm probably going to be paying for her kids' college educations.}

wouldn't it have been nice if i actually got three mums for the planter to actually fill it up? and maybe even some that were in bloom, so there was maybe some flowers?

hold on...let me exercise my mad photo shop skillzzzzzz...

ahh, much better.

the vinyl was a little tough to get on real well because of the nubby texture of the plastic, but i just kept pushing it down and going over it. once i got it one there pretty well, i gave it a coat of clear sealer.

i can't guarantee this will last forever, but it's under the covered porch--so not directly exposed to the elements. and it only cost me the price of the vinyl--which is SUPER reasonable!

what i love about this is that i am really diggin' the "no. xx" in vinyl people put on their front doors. but my front door is glass (see it there in the background?) so it's not really an option for me. 

i will NOT show you the rest of the porch. we'll just leave it here. you can imagine the rest of my front porch as completely clean, web-free, color coordinated and adorable.

i absolutely DO NOT have beach chairs & an umbrella from the last time we went to the beach (beginning of august), various camping supplies (from the camping trip last month), random bits of broken sidewalk chalk, someone's sweater, a bag of clothing to be donated, and tons of dead leaves all over the porch. nope. no way.
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  1. Cute planter. I like the rustic-ness of it! JEnn

  2. Love, love love! Now can you make me one? Jk- :-)

  3. can you come photoshop my garden?

  4. Oooooo! I LOVE it! It's so pretty!
    I'm posting this project on my "gallery" page on my WW site. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. It turned out great! And I love that a strategically taken photo can eliminate the...less beautiful things around the house. Great job

  6. Happy Monday! Just wanted to let you know that I include this window box house number tutorial in my round up of practical gift ideas for moving and housewarming. Here's the link if you want to stop by and check it out! http://www.thinkingcloset.com/2013/04/29/practical-gift-ideas-for-moving-housewarming/

    The Thinking Closet


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