Thursday, June 3, 2010


I wrote: "I'm not really a yard-saler."

And then I had a vision of a yard SAILOR...hehehe

(the green stuff is my awesome hand-drawn grass, or "yard" in case you're confused)

Or, since I'm dreaming (and obviously have a lack of sleep), maybe I'd be more like this:


Although, what I was trying to say was that I'm NOT a yardsaler-sailor. So I guess I wouldn't be her.

I'm bad at bargaining...I always feel awkward if I walk up to someone's sale and immediately know I am not interested in anything.

I feel like I have to walk around a bit and feign interest in something, which I must regretfully not buy because their junk awesome stuff is just out of my league...and maybe it's where I live but when I see the cool stuff other people get at yard sales for like a penny??!?!? Yeah, around here it's more broken dishes, used matchbox cars and "Collector" beanie babies they want $5 a piece for. The last thing I feel like doing is having my 4 kids beg me to spend $20 on someone else's old stuffed animals. I don't care if it's a limited edition McDonald's super rare beanie baby.

So, in general, I find other ways to spend my Saturdays.
But last week we happened to drive past a yard sale where this caught my eye:


And I immediately yelled to my husband to come to a tire-screeching halt, and reverse back down the road.

I paid $15 for it.** Too much? My mom thinks so.


I don't know where I'm going to put it. But I know I love it.
The problem is, the shade needs some work. But because of the shape I'm not quite sure how to fix it.

So, I'm turning to you, interneters.

How do I redo this shade? Because the shade just may be my favorite part of the lamp.


**Side note: the lady, who was very nice, was also selling a rather large collection of swords. Yes, swords. Slender ninja swords, evil Klingon-looking blades, some that looked like the lady of the lake last owned them. No, I didn't buy any. I just thought it was weird.
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  1. Perhaps the swords were why you didn't bargain?! haha. Can you just tear off the gold decorative trim and replace it with some new white stuff. Or, if it's for your blue room, you could die the new white trim blue and glue it on.

  2. it looks like a jellyfish, i think maybe some long flowing jellyfish streamers that blow in the wind, you paid too much, have i not taught you anything??? oy veh

    googiemamas mama

  3. 'k.... is there such a thing as fabric dye? Dunno, I'm not really crafty. I just read your blog 'cause your my friend and I love you lots and lots. Kinda outa my league. I think something about it is screaming for tassles!!! I say, dye the whole thing (shade that is...) and put tassles on the bottom. Definitely boudoir lamp then... Dunno, best I can do. PS - Hey there googiemamas mama!!! Sending you all love from the western state!

  4. ack! the photos are not showing up. i must see them! i think the universe is telling me to go to bed. but i'll be back. the photos better be working ;)

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