Thursday, April 18, 2013

thursday randoms

move along, move along…nothing to see here…

just a random collection of things…

o1) today’s prayers
prayers and thoughts for those in boston.

i don’t wish to seem glib by leaving it there…but really, what more is there to say?

o2) today’s sewing
my simple shirred sundress tutorial has been making the pinterest rounds lately. i do love that look, and it is quite easy.


one person asked if the buttonholes on the back cut the elastic thread and made it unravel.
a good question, and the answer is no, not for me. i’m assuming the tightness of the buttonhole stitching is enough to catch the ends of the elastic thread and keep them secure, even though they run perpendicular to one another (whoa math terms).


o3) today’s sales
another reader asked about the doll bed quilt and pillow i’d made for elliot…if i had plans to put them in my etsy shop.


i don’t…however, if someone is interested in a straight commission i’d be happy to work with you. email me at talktothemomma (at) gmail (dot) com.

o4) today’s film petits
did you see today’s film petit? oh how i love this series—skirt as top and a little gray join forces once a month with a guest to create children’s looks based on awesome films. not children’s films—just awesome films. this month is BACK TO THE FUTURE. and it’s as awesome as you’d think.

film petit: back to the future

 image via

hey ladies, i’m sure you don’t want to overdo the 80’s, but i’m thinking…pretty in pink????

o5) today’s goodbye
so google reader is becoming a thing of the past in july. sniff, sniff…let’s all take a moment and shed a tear. or not. anyway, i’ve added links to bloglovin’ and another blog reader canopi over thar--------->>> in the sidebar.
because i know you wouldn’t want to miss a hot second of the genius that is googiemomma.

o6) today’s poetry + today’s plans
i went into the wood because i wished to live deliberately. yeah, i’m getting all thoreau up in here. but i had this sudden vision of our family—just the mister and i and our googies, alone in the woods. it was a fairly specific vision—a cabin, air, space, no neighbors, no electronics and lots of frog hunting, game playing and marshmallow burning. so i turned to the internets and found my cabin.


image via

it’s tiny and secluded and that creek looks ripe with frogs for hunting, does it not? we don’t have a date nailed down just yet, but i’ve been in contact with the owner and the googies will be headed there. soon. and we’ll live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan- like as to put to rout all that was not life. sounds good, right?

o7) today’s mush
monday was april 15th. a big day for taxes, yes. but also a big day in the googiehaus. eleven years ago that was my due date with the little man (he came on the 12th like a good boy). and 15 years ago it was the day mr. googiedaddy took me to a scenic bridge while our friends hid in the woods and asked me to marry him. spoiler alert: i said yes.
like any oblivious momma i totally lost track of the days, so when i came out of gigi’s ballet class on monday to find flowers and a card on my windshield, my first thought was uh-oh, someone mistook my car for someone else’s. but it wasn’t. it was him, remembering what i had forgotten, planning and in cahoots with our kids and a friend to leave behind the regular plans for the day—cleaning, organizing, scrubbing—and return to the bridge.


it’s since been rebuilt—the rusty, rickety thing of our past a shiny new concrete thing. but it was our bridge all the same. and he kept the tradition alive…

imagehe liked it, so he put a ring on it.

something to stand in place of the ring i haven’t been able to wear for…oh..2 or 3 babies. something not too expensive, but shiny and blingy and a link to him. a way to say “i’m taken!”…not because i get hit on lots and lots (ha!) but because i am, and i love that i am, and i want the world to know i am.

i didn’t realize just how much i missed having a wedding ring on my finger until this one was on there.

he’s a good man. and methinks we should visit that bridge more often.

enjoy your thursday.

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  1. How awesome. Your posts always make me smile.

  2. aw, what a nice post - and thanks for linking to film petit today! :D

  3. Aw, how sweet that he remembered when you forgot! And I love your new bling, very nice.

  4. Great post. Happy Anniversary. He's a keeper for sure.

  5. Ok. Love this. Also, the mr and I have a bridge ourselves, for that very reason. And there were hidden people taking photos so that the moment could be documented. Have I mentioned that we live parallel lives??? I can only hope that in 8 years he will also take me back to our bridge and present me with a replacement for the ring I have not been able to wear since our very first googie. Maybe I should make him read this so he gets the hint??


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