Tuesday, March 19, 2013

baby, baby, baby twooooo

as it turns out, the issues with getting the rest of the post about elliot’s doll have less to do with a) the length of the post or b) me actually writing the post or even c) me actually photographing the rest of the stuff i made her and more of d).

‘d)’ of course being “photographing the stuff without elliot trying to be in it”


although the doll and bed were presented as one unit, she’s thoroughly convinced—in the headstrong oblivious-to-reality way that only a toddler can fully muster up—that this tiny bed is for her to nap upon.

she gets pretty bent out of shape if you try and put Baby in. it was a fight to get even a couple of shots that did not include her valiant attempts at folding her body in such a way as to be comfortably ensconced on that tiny poster bed.

but i did manage a few.


Baby got a sweet little wooden bed from IKEA. for $20 it comes with the dark blue “mattress pad” and “pillow” and a little plaid blanket.


duktig image via IKEA site

it came home like the above picture, but it got the googiemomma upgrade: a paint job, new quilt and coordinating pillow.


when i bought the fabric for the little quilt at joann’s i glanced through their spray paint selection for a color that matched. oooh, coral isle. perfect. but our joann’s keeps the spray paint under lock and key, requiring an employee to come to your aid. because you know, all the rowdy graffiti arteests and inhalant huffers head first to joann’s for their drug/tool of choice. :/

anyway, the other issue is that they charge $8 a can for spray paint?!?!?! one can only assume they are not familiar with the pricing of spray paint in the rest of the world.

puh. i’ll show them. i’ll just nip off to the local walmart…err…sears hardware…nope, maybe a.c. moore?…nooo…lowes? strike 4.

NO ONE, i repeat NO ONE else apparently carries krylon spray paint in coral isle.


(do you follow me on instagram? cause i’m pretty much the awesomest instagrammer ever.)

i drove around for an hour before sheepishly heading back into joann’s. come to think of it, maybe that’s why their paint is under lock and key. all their exclusive colors are the craft world equivalent of gold blocks.

regardless, i got my paint (40% off coupon whatwhat!?!) and that stinkin’ bed sucked up the ENTIRE can.

i bought a fat quarter pack of d.s. quilt fabrics (also with a coupon making it only $6) and a 1/2 yard remnant of white fleece for the tiny quilt and pillow.



i did 8 squares of each pattern and 16 white fleece squares, all cut 2 1/2” square. the back is solid white fleece and i free motion quilted in a random squiggly pattern over the whole thing.


that gave me fits—almost enough to turn me off of machine quilting for good. but after consulting with some Super Quilter Friends (similar to the Super Friends just more cozy and covered in thread bits) i’m thinking the thread i was using is the biggest issue.

anyway, it was done and i had fabric to spare, so why not whip up a little matching dress for Baby?


a simple little dress with a back velcro closure, and i attached the magnetic binky to the dress with the ribbon that came wrapped around my fat quarter pack (waste not want not, amirite?) now we have no loss of the binky and a perfectly coordinated set.


snug as a (handmade) bug in a (quilted) rug.

now get that baby out. it’s time for elliot’s nappy.


so that’s it. one baby doll, two clean diapers, one poopy diaper, one bed, one pillow, one quilt, one dress, one magnetic binky, oh! and one fabric tissue box thingy with six squares of the leftover white fleece inside—boom! wipes.


haha! forgot about that. i just cut the remainder of the white fleece from the back of the quilt into square-ish shapes and serged the edges. the little container is a basic little box that velcros closed on top and has a hole cut out so the “wipes” can pop out.

okay, now that’s really, really it. Baby is quite happy in her new home, the recipient of much love and many rather rough diaper changes. and that’s just the way i like it.


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