Tuesday, April 2, 2013

drops design scarf

okay can we just set aside for the moment that it’s april? i mean, if the weather doesn’t follow the calendar, why should my project sharing?

let’s pretend for a moment that it’s still the winter, maybe late january, and you’re still interested in crochet projects. because i have three scarves to share with you this week. and even if your sewing thoughts have turned to spring dresses and short sets, maybe you can just bookmark this for next fall, when you’re ready to cuddle up with a skein and a cuppa. k? k.

first up: this peacock blue scarf, based on a drops design pattern.


this scarf was a gift, so i had guinevere model it for some shots before handing it off. what i didn’t realize when i took the shots was that the settings on my camera were wonky, and so a lot of the photos came out blurry. and now the scarf is gone…so you must see blurry pictures.

pattern found on my ravelry HERE, and direct from the website HERE
yarn: caron simply soft in color ‘peacock’



the original pattern calls for the flower/grape cluster things to run the entire length of one side of the scarf, making it more like a wrap or shawl in my opinion. so i did three repeats of the pattern then turned it sideways and worked the lattice design for about 34”. then i made a separate section of three repeats of the cluster design and attached it on the other end.


it’s not perfect, you can see the seam where i joined the two sections if you look. but i couldn’t figure out a way to do it continuously without overtaxing my limited brain power (and crocheting knowledge). and honestly when you’re wearing the scarf it’s not noticeable at all.

i liked the idea of the design hanging down on the front. it also makes the scarf a little more lightweight than your average crochet/knit scarf. maybe this is a spring project after all?


the last thing i did was block the edges of the scarf. the cluster design gets pretty clumped up as you work it, so i wet it and pinned it flat to my ironing board and let it dry for a day. the caron yarn is acrylic, so it doesn’t take long to dry.


my instagram photo of this step was much more dramatic:



my biggest victory in this scarf? this is what the pattern looks like:


that’s right—it’s an actual crochet PATTERN. and it turns out, they’re really not that hard to read. it was my first time using one like this and i was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out. #supercrocheter

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  1. yohoooo you found a Norwegian pattern site! Love the color, so pretty! I love the Drops (means candy) patterns

  2. Pretty! And nice job deciphering the pattern. Love how you put the clusters on the ends.

  3. So cute! And hey here in Winnipeg we have like a month or so of scarf weather left. Two or three if you really like scarves. In fact I've just started a new hat (or toque, as we say in Canadianese) this week.

  4. beauty! loving all the scarves you've made! also, commiserating with fellow toque-wearing Canadian above! hang in there Laura.

  5. I love that


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