Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the crocus scarf

see, i told you these were relevant to spring.

as i was reminded yesterday by a kind commenter, i live in one area of the world that is approaching springtime. but there are large swathes of land where scarf-wearing is still de rigueur—nay, even necessary. you know—like the entire southern hemisphere, for instance.

ugh. how #firstworldproblems of me. i didn’t get my scarf tutorials on my blog fast enough, and now the area I’M in it’s spring! oh noooos!!! i feel so….northeast US-centric.


anyway, moving on…this is another scarf pattern crocheted up for my mother-in-law.

crocus scarf2

pattern found on ravelry HERE, direct from the knitting daily website HERE, done in my favorite wallet-friendly caron simply soft yarn.

crocus scarf3

as usual, i changed it a bit—doing three repeats of the pattern vs. two (how it’s written). i also eliminated the edging, and opted for a simple single crochet border squaring off the three edges and following the bumps of the top edge.

crocus scarf4

it’s another scarf i was in love with, threatening to keep it. threatening who i’m not sure. myself, maybe? but it’s funny…i choose the pattern and the yarn with the person in mind. the entire time i’m working on it i’m thinking about that person. by the time i’ve finished—no matter how much i love the item—in my head it’s theirs. it belongs to them. and so it was with this scarf. i love it—the pattern, the color…but i could no more keep it for myself than i could walk into my mother-in-law’s closet and claim one of her shirts as my own. (her son, on the other hand…him i took. and i’m not giving back. so i’m not entirely sure my analogy works on all levels.)

crocus scarf5

is this normal with you other sewers/knitters/crocheters/quilters? i’ve only recently become secure enough to start giving the things i’ve made as gifts…so i’m wondering if this is kind of how everyone feels when they make a specific project for a specific someone. like—i love it, but it’s not mine to keep. let’s talk.

crocus scarf1

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  1. Oh, that is so pretty! I'm kind of the same way... once I've worked for so long on a project for someone, it is theirs. I just couldn't keep it!

  2. Beautiful - love the pattern and color!

  3. I think your scarf is lovely, and I've been known to keep one around in the summertime especially when the air at the hall kicks in full force and I start to get frostbite... but I digress. I've often wanted to keep a gift I've knit for someone else, but I don't think I've actually done so. If the desire is too great, I'll just replicate the item for myself. (Not that I have an actual Starfleet issue replicator. I wish.)


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