Thursday, April 4, 2013

open diamond cowl

the final scarf in my scarf-a-lot triumvirate is a pattern i wrote. like i mentioned yesterday, i pick the yarn based on the person i’m doing the project for. and this scarf was for my mom—a bulky weight mustard yellow is perfect.

the problem was i had no pattern in mind, and a frustrating and fruitless search of ravelry, plus five or six different patterns started and then frogged led me to start thinking this wasn’t going to work. i like the look of bulky yarn, but i didn’t want something overly bulky if that even makes any sense.

so i finally scrapped all the pattern hunting, thought about what I wanted this to look like, and began crocheting.

i’m pretty stoked by the result. (yeah, i said stoked. so what)

diamond cowl4

diamond cowl12

diamond cowl1

it’s crocheted lengthwise, done in all half-double crochet, with some skipped stitches forming a subtle open diamond pattern to give it some interest.

at the very end i had a smidgen of yarn left, and squeezed out the little button tab closure as an added element for one side.

diamond cowl10

diamond cowl9

now here’s where i would share the pattern i wrote, because i was smart and efficient and took notes while i crocheted.


okay, so here’s where i would share the pattern i wrote, because i took pictures and worked up a sample and wrote it down later.


yeah…i tried to do that, but i realized there was a big error in my pattern. which may explain why i kept wrestling with last rows trying to keep my diamond pattern lined up. i’m not giving up…i’d like to make myself one of these. and when i get the pattern nailed down i’ll be back to share. 

diamond cowl3

in the meantime, i feel so bad…

oh hey! bonus! it’s awkward me, modeling the cowl before handing it off to my momma…

diamond cowl7

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  1. Mustard cowl = awesome.
    Button tab closure = awesomesauce.
    Bangs that make you look like a teenager (ok, maybe in your early 20's) = spaceawesome!

  2. I love the button tab too. The perfect finishing touch. =)

  3. How lovely is this one - and you are looking georgeous too :-)

  4. That scarf is awesome! I wish I could crochet!

  5. I love my scarf color is gorgeous and it is warm! Ma

  6. Loveit! Loveit! Loveit! Just wish I could also crochet :(


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