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girls’ room: part IV “the reveal”

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it took until wednesday night before the room was in a state that the girls could sleep in it. and we wanted them to be able to sleep in it before we showed it to them.

confession: after we finished everything we could for the night, and it was mopped and vacuumed and done and waiting to be seen…jeremy and i, well, we just flopped down on the floor and sat there. for about 20 minutes.

just sat.

we took in what we did, the changes. we played with the baby on the floor. we sat.

and then we called the girls in.

girls room_7871

okay, i won’t drag this out any longer. you’ve been waiting so patiently (ahem, MOST of you, that is)
come on in…


the ‘g’ is because we reused the door from guinevere’s room. maybe i should just add “irls”? the opening above the door is still a work in progress. for now we can listen to their secrets at night…hehehe




each bed has a little curtain that can close it off. this way the girls can still have their own “space” even in a shared room.
literally minutes after they saw the room for the first time it looked like this:

girls room_7897_edited-1

they each have a little light and shelf for books, and an outlet next to the shelf. the rule is when mom and dad say “lights out” you obey or you lose your lightbulb for a week. ;) so far, it’s worked.

the mix-matched patterns on all the pillows and curtains are what took us FOR.EH.VER at jo-ann’s. and even when i was sewing them up i was nervous.


but in the end i think it all came together (even that floral fabric, which first got tea stained, then bleached)

i did a silhouette pillow on each of their beds too


 the top bunks are so much fun…


but i really think the bottom bunks are cozier :)


and these beds conceal a secret:


a simple drawer on castors underneath each bottom bunk. perfect for, you know…all the things you might find in a little girls’ room…


where do you put clothing for four girls in one room? in a giant dresser:


this is three malm dressers from IKEA ($89 each), plus 24 black knobs from the home depot ($1 each). jeremy built a platform for them to sit up on and ran a piece of trim across the front. (there was a reason for that)


more details coming later…but for about $320? srsly.



do you know how hard it was to take some of these pics without getting me and my cray-cray hair in the shot?
eh…who am i hiding from?

moving on…

the prints i found on a blog, to be a lady.


not all of them are exactly right for a little girls’ room, but i picked a few i liked and printed them out and framed them.


i figure i can change them out as needs change (ladies do not get in fistfights with their sisters over “borrowed” clothing)

all the things on the dresser we already had…

IMG_9018_8083 IMG_9000_8069

as well as the desk, which was one we bought and refinished for guinevere’s room.


that blank canvas? yeah…that’s where the girls’ picture will be. eventually. i hoped to have it done by the time i posted this (actually, that’s why this post is late).


i also need to rework that lamp to match, reupholster the chair instead of just laying the fabric on top…and probably paint the desk white. it’s antiqued right now…which isn’t horrible, but next to the dressers…you know, eventually.


our other clothing storage—a wall to wall closet space


which still needs it’s last curtain made and put up. somehow we totally bombed on the measurements here—both track and fabric.


four girls worth of dresses and shirts and skirts and shoes and purses…

(and ooh! looky there! projects i still haven't blogged about…)


empty frames which i still need to fill…


all together now… ”eventually” hehe

which brings me to the ups and downs of the room—the ups:


i thought at one point i had broken my gallbladder or something because i was in such pain on my upper left side.


then i realized it was sore muscles from painting stripes on a ceiling for two days.


i don’t even care. it was totally worth it.
the downs of the room?

this guy:


i searched for an area rug. i don’t want white. i don’t want to pay a fortune. in the end i rolled out the rug that was in guinevere’s old room “temporarily” (my other word—besides “eventually”)


the style goes, but the colors are cream and chocolate brown. so it doesn’t really match.
but i think i kind of don’t hate it. (or is that my cheap side talking? or maybe my tired of shopping and spending money side?)

ah well, i’ll probably just keep half-heartedly looking until i find something i love.
and finally, this:


i have a love affair with miniatures. doll houses, realistic ones—not plastic ones—are a childhood obsession i’ve never gotten over. i’ve always always wanted to do one to completion. and my mom found this guy, along with BINS and BINS of supplies out by someone’s trash. it looks like they got as far as putting it together and painting it, and then stopped.

for a few decades.

it has rugs and wallpaper and trim and lights and doors and accessories—probably hundreds of dollars worth of supplies.
what do you say to that besides “thanks”?!?!?
so she’ll be getting a paint job and become a family project.

well, i think that’s quite enough for today, don’t you?

i have some more posts i’m working on with all the details—what, where and how much.
for now, we just bask in the happiness of a (mostly) completed room.

girls room_7888_edited-1

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