Friday, December 23, 2011

googiemomma out

and so it begins.
as if the family room project and the boy's room weren't enough, the googiedaddy and i have decided to go for it.
we will be spending this upcoming week tearing apart the girl's rooms to turn what was two into one. (as confusingly explained here)

i've been searching for inspiration, and have a pinterest board titled (oddly enough) "girls' room".

i think i've narrowed it down. this is the picture that got me:

that striped ceiling??!!?!?!


that got me going on a red/pink/blue/white theme. so i found these:

and then the googiedaddy pointed out how much he liked the 30's hollywood glamour regency style of decorating, and how pretty it would be for a room of girls.

so we found these:

and we realized how well these two looks coordinate.

so much beautiful inspiration, no?
but...i'm feeling oddly...uninspired. i don't know why. it's been a rough few nights with little miss e. she's decided that sleeping is for the birds. or for other babies. either way--not for her.

so (deep breath) i've decided to try and give up caffeine entirely.

it's going to be a rough few days of transition. (to say the least).
and so help me if i don't see results IMMEDIATELY i'm back on coffee like, like...LIKE A MOM OF FIVE WHO NEEDS HER COFFEE.

okay, so--bottom line:

2 rooms into 1
dining room into temporary girls' room
red/aqua/white/maybe pink/black hollywood regency style scheme
actual purchases for the room thus far: 0
amount of work yet to be done: ALL OF IT
amount of posts you're going to see for at least the next week: 0

i'll catch you cats on the flip side (the flip side being 2012)
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  1. wow - so excitedly waiting for the results

  2. I love these inspirations - I also love the red/ aqua combo (you could add black to it as your girl gets older). I think it will be so fabulous - can't wait to see the results. I am in the (thinking) process of re-adjusting my daughter's room myself so these inspirations really appealed to me ;)

    Hope you're having a great holiday time ;)

  3. I admit I was nervous about the colors but I was proven wrong


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