Monday, December 5, 2011

extreme home makeover: boy’s room edition (part III)


four bags of trash, boxes, broken toys, miscellaneous flim-flam, unused items…

and he asked me when he came home “you didn’t throw anything away, did ya mom?”


“only trash, harrison. only trash.” :)

the room is clean. it’s neat and orderly.
our goals:
       * updated and modern, a little baseball-y for him--but neutral enough that we don't have to redo again in a couple of years.
      * a place for EVERYTHING, and everything in it's place--spots for toys, clothes, legos, books, papers and pens
      * a desk for him to work at and create at
      * fun touches to make him excited

and i'm pretty sure we accomplished our goals.
it’s a little bit vintage baseball


the pillows made from fabric bought online…somewhere. i can’t remember. i just googled “vintage baseball fabric” and bought a few different types from a few different places. i have more, but this is the only one i used so far.


the grey/brown/navy duvet cover is from ikea. his bed we had (also from ikea). i have a big art project to do for over his wall…that’s coming.


we got rid of the dresser and did a high basket filled unit (from ikea). i still have to make a curtain for the front.

the pictures i bought here.


i think they’re really neat—and perfect for combining a boy’s desire for “BASEBALL ROOM” with a mom’s desire for something a bit more classic.

here’s a better look at one from my pinterest board:

and an organized toy chest (ikea)—that still has empty spots to be filled

the Pièce de résistance though?
his giant workbench/desk:


this was the googiedaddy’s workbench, languishing unused in the shed since he lost his home workshop.
we dug it out and set up on the front porch…


where it got a good cleaning, bolt tightening, sanding and staining with grey stain.


in the room it’s bordered by a new bookshelf on the left (ikea)


some shelves filled with books, some baskets for hiding the…treasures.

the red shelves above he had in his room before. but they were more RED!!!!, not rrrreeeddd. you know? so we hit them with some spray paint.


and an organization system from the home depot for his legos beneath that, reminiscent of the ones he loves reading about in his lego magazine...


the bins hang on a bracket that screws into the wall. 4 bins and the bracket were $7.99.

and we spent about 2 hours dividing the legos into color. and yes, i know it may never look like this again—but it makes this momma’s OCD heart happy.
of course, if any of my kids were going to keep it as organized as i have it now--it would be him. maybe there's hope?


the barstools were hand-me-downs from a friend. they got a coat of dark blue spray paint, a recovered seat and the legs cut down to fit his workbench. (we bought the little rubber feet at walmart—like $1.88/4)

and that’s it. i still have to do the window treatments (curtains are done, need blinds), and the wall art over his bed.

but for one whirlwind weekend, and not much money, we’re super happy with the results!


IMG_8338_7530 copy
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