Friday, December 2, 2011

extreme home makeover: boy’s room edition (part II)

he was three years old. he was a buzz fanatic. it was 2005.

okay, i have to admit: i’m a buzz fanatic. toy story ranks up there as one of my all-time favs. so i was perfectly happy to indulge my little man’s obsession.

the googiedaddy and i worked up a plan and spent late nights assembling furniture and painting and sewing.


okay, it actually looked a lot better when he was little and i was in charge of keeping it clean.

but it was still a cool buzz room. it had a wild paint job—lime green and dark blue and yellow lightening bolts.


this used to be three red shelves neatly arranged with buzz and woody items. now it’s a nine-year old hoarder’s dumping ground.

striped curtains i sewed each and every star for (rather poorly, i might add. but that’s a lot of stars)



pillows i made with appliqués i ordered from ebay. at the time NOBODY sold buzz fabric, comforters--ANYTHING. it was that time after toy story 2 was over, before the toy story renaissance of 3, and buzz and woody were like the forgotten stepchildren of disney.

we cobbled the room together with things we found online and in stores over the next couple of years, and the comforter i managed to find at ross after everyone else stopped carrying it.

my personal favorite feature: a mural sized buzz blasting off into space.


i drew it, we painted it. this was before the days of vinyl room decor—where in 10 minutes you can cover your walls with any theme you choose. if we wanted a buzz on the wall it was going to be a couple hours of drawing and painting to get him there.


so that’s what we did: quite a few hours of painting.

there was other things too--the black splotches where i dropped the paintbrush making one final touchup right before we revealed the room to harrison.


oh that made me so mad.

the footprints in the closet where a one year old ava walked through the paint, so we used her foot as a stamp.


and that periwinkle and yellow combo was the very first paint job i did in this room, before we moved in back in 2002. it was 2 year old guinevere’s room, and i was 8 months pregnant with harrison.

it’s hard to believe we’ve been here so long. this february will be 10 years since we bought this house. we’ve made our mark on just about every surface—and in the case of rooms like this—2 or 3 times even. ;)

okay, enough of the trip down memory lane.

so this is where we started on thursday:

we cleaned the room out and got one coat of primer on in the afternoon



goodbye buzz. not gonna lie—this hurt. but it was time. i did threaten cutting this piece of drywall out and making googiedaddy patch it. but, well, that’s just silly.

IMG_8331_7560 (that’s googiedaddy’s happy primer dance. he says my blog will get more traffic if i put up more pics of him. i told him if he’s really serious he’s going to have to wear chaps and let me take pictures of his butt and post them, a la pioneer woman. i’ll call him…some-other-cigarette-name man)

friday was more primer, ripped out the girl’s bedroom door and used it as a closet door, and started assembling furniture. also some electrical work, first coat of paint, some trim work and…well, i kind of forget. it was really all a blur.

by the time we went to bed friday night we had this:


saturday was the last hurrah. harrison was coming home on sunday and there was no time. we fell into bed exhausted at 11:30.

but it was worth it. the final result was a Big Boy Room, with touches of baseball and legos just right for a 9 year old boy, and hopefully good enough to see him through 18 without too many changes.

and on monday, i’ll show it to you.

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