Thursday, December 29, 2011

girls girls girls

i know i said you wouldn’t be hearing from me this week, but i need help.

we are working hard on the girls’ room. okay, googiedaddy is working hard. mainly i share unsolicited opinions give him advice and sweep the floor.

oh—and i do all the cyber shopping. and that is HARD.

i mean, really—sometimes i have like 5 or 6 different screens open at once. and then i have to keep it all straight in my head—was that rug at or amazon? did i see those curtains at ikea or did i just dream that?

one of my "girls' room" pinned inspiration photos is this:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

and i LOVE the large print of the girls. it just says “SISTERS” to me.

so i bathed, brushed, blowdried and beautified my girlies four and set out to try and get one decent shot i could have printed up on a large canvas.

whoda thunk i would get more than one option?

and i CAN NOT decide. so, i need your help!

OPTION #1image
i love gigi’s goofy face—so her. elliot looks cute, guinevere looks pretty, and ava has her typical silly face.

OPTION #2image
not your typical shot, i know. but i love the relaxed, casual feel of this one. i love that elliot leaned in for a nuzzle on gigi’s cheek. and guinevere and ava’s more relaxed faces are cute.

OPTION #3image
a basic, happy shot of the four girls. gigi is looking a little crazy, but, well…that’s gigi.

OPTION #4image
some more serious faces. and a bit of a blurry gigi. but i like it.

OPTION #5image
what is there to say? another one i love

OPTION #6image
similar to the last one, just a slightly different look.

OPTION #7image
everyone smiling. amazing.

so there you have it. it’s a decent investment—ordering a canvas print in a big size. so i want to make sure it’s a shot i love.
honestly—yes, i would probably love any one of these. and i know which one(s) i'm leaning towards...
but i must know…what do YOU think? i set up a little poll over on the left sidebar there.
<----------------------------o v e r ---t h a r ------------------
 i’ll even let you vote for more than one… thanks!

the room is cranking right along...and it's looking awesome! i'm so excited! i've been photographing each stage, so be ready for a massive series of blog posts at the end!
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