Tuesday, January 3, 2012

in case you’re having trouble getting your RDA of googiemomma. which is like 26,000 mgs. or one lame joke. whichever comes first.

probably the lame joke.

boom, done for the day.

i’m a stay-at-home mom. which means that the running commentary in my head all day…well, it stays in my head all day.

try as she might, gigi just doesn’t get my humor.




she’s only three. i won’t hold it against her. 

the blog provides an outlet. generally i’m writing posts in my head as i’m working on whatever project is at my fingers.

but there are always things that need saying immediately. last week i thought “boy, if only there was a way of getting these thoughts out there quickly. you know, besides calling a friend, yelling a one-liner and hanging up.”

and then, promptly on the heels of that thought, i thought “hey, i just invented twitter.”



so, if you’re looking for more googiemomma, come check me out.

or don’t. because i already have like 7 followers. including @pearljamfan, who jumped on board after i tweeted about my spectacular eddie vedder impression.
imagine how surprised he’s gonna be when he finds out i mainly tweet my whines about sewing and my kids.

ummm, but in a funny way.

and p.s. and if you have instagram, i’m on there too.

and p.p.s that’s not to say i won’t utilize the “calling a friend and yelling a one-liner and hanging up” method. cause the more i think about it…awesomespice.

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