Tuesday, January 17, 2012

five at seven(ish)

girls-25 she has eyes like the sea before a storm…but i’m not sure how good she is at tracking falcons.

maybe i should just call this “five at seven/eight”.

but, then, that kinda looks like 7/8ths, and what’s that? so we’ll pretend i actually posted this like 3 weeks ago, and i’ll try to do five at eight sometime before she’s nine months, and well, we’ll all just move on and get a grip because it’s just a blog post, right? right. (the move on and get a grip part is mainly to me, btw)

girls room_7867

she is perpetually dirty faced.

because this kid can pack away the foodz, like for realsies—and no baby food, either. she wants NO PARTS OF ANY BABY MUSH NO NO NO. she wants pizza crust and mashed potatoes and whatever you’re eating. but she does not want her face wiped. ever ever. and no matter how much you swear up, down and sideways that you’ll never be that mom…sometimes you just are that mom.


she is so chubby.

how chubby?

her babylegs (like little baby leg warmers) don’t even fit. they sink into her roly-poly thighs and then rollllllll down to her knees.


girls room_7914

she is crawling.

well, not so much crawling as doing this weird zombie-drag-inchworm-breakdance kind of maneuver. it’s quite hysterical.

but it’s efficient.

it allows her to get into trouble with things like wires. and paint cans. (see above photographic evidence)


she would like to add a footnote.

*mother, when i am 16 i will hate you for putting my chubby baby thighs on the internet. and my messy, food covered face—no matter how cute you think it is. that is all.

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