Monday, April 22, 2013

a bit of a recommendation, loves.

i’ve spent the last 2 days basically in bed. isn’t that the way it goes? harrison gets a cold, elliot gets the sniffles, guinevere has a cough…mom has a fever off and on and feels like an elephant is sitting on her chest. an elephant with a knife in it’s trunk that it reaches around and stabs through her shoulder blade every time she tries taking a deep breath.

rotten elephant.

i’m 85% certain i’ve got pleurisy—not the first time. and i’m off to the doctor today for confirmation and some sweet, sweet antibiotics.

in the meantime—don’t cry for me, argentina, because being in bed allowed me the fun of catching up on all three episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee.


let’s be honest—i’ve got the latest season of project runway sitting on my dvr, and i haven’t even watched so much as a minute of it. the last few seasons have been on a slippery downhill slope of actual garment making < antics and drama-llamaism. while i‘ll be the first to admit that a bit of interpersonal angst can keep the interest up…it seems they straight up forgot the basic premise of the show. too many contestants to keep track of, too much…ugh.

the great british sewing bee is like a breath of fresh air (one not punctuated by a knife-wielding elephant).

the premise is 8 “home sewers” pulled together and given three challenges over 2 days—generally an alteration, a refashion, and a new garment. they are allowed patterns, they’ve practiced, and they’re happy and smiling and drinking tea and supporting one another in a way you’d never see on PR these days. don’t get me wrong—there are tears. but they are from lost pattern pieces and miscuts, not backstabbing (there’s that elephant again).

however there’s been not a WORD that i’ve noticed of “WHAT THEY WIN” or “OUR FABULOUS SPONSERS” or productplacementproductplacementproductplacement. again—i realize this is the nature of the beast, and should the show begin garnering the kind of popularity i think it will/and deserves i suppose it’s a matter of time. but i’m so over hearing repeated the fabulous prize package through each and every PR episode…

this is sewing like WE do. we use patterns, we alter, we refashion, we are real people. and the fact is i’m simply chuffed to bits over this show and can’t wait for episode four—and i seriously hope they keep it up. (plus i get to brush up on all my british anachronisms)

you can watch it here. grab a spot of tea and join me, won’t you?

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  1. The sewing bee won't start showing adverts! It's on the BBC which is a public broadcaster and is constituted not to advertise products. So it's safe. Perhaps there will be copycats on other channels which do. In fact have you seen Kirsty's Homemade Home? It's on British TV too, channel 4.

    1. you know, somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I did know that. I even considered mentioning something to that effect in the post. bbc=pbs? that's wonderful. i'm perfectly happy to keep watching the bbc version online...even though i'm sure eventually it will get picked up here in the states... (and ruined.)
      def going to check out kirsty's homemade home! thanks!!

  2. Oh Im loving the sewing bee too! If your loving that show then you should try the 3 seasons of The Great British bake Off. Its brilliant and just as addictive. Its what the sewing bee is a spin off from. (Again the good old BBC ) My 5 kids have enjoyed watching both shows with me. Really hope your better soon and your lovely meds help the healing process. God bless you Clarex


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