Thursday, April 12, 2012

sewvivor rewind: eyelet dress

because of my unfortunate computer sitch i never actually did a good post about my first sewvivor entry…


this black and white eyelet dress i made for guinevere.

the challenge was to use a tutorial from one of the judges’ blogs as inspiration for your own project.

i chose this bold striped skirt from delia creates:

i love stripes too, delia ;) i love how springy it is, yet still modern because of the black and white color combo.

so i dug through my stash and this is what i found:

oops, nevermind. the photo is apparently on my old computer. a moment of silence, please?

okay—so what i found was some yardage of eyelet that was a hand me down (thanks patty!) i think maybe it was curtains at one time? it was in 2 fairly narrow lengths.

the black lining is a $5 black twin sheet from walmart. it’s become my go-to for when i need large amounts of solid cotton. this was actually for another project…guess i’m off to walmart to replace it ;)


and the black piping was a huge bolt i got for $1 at my new fabric store. seriously—i think this bolt has 50 yards of piping on it. no lie.

so using my rudimentary math skills, this dress cost me approximately $5.0004 to make (since i used virtually nothing off my piping bolt).


it’s a basic bodice and full skirt, but i pleated the skirt instead of gathering.


it has a side zipper and just a little button keyhole at the back neckline.


i left the belt unlined. and in the interests of complete transparency: the belt closes with velcro and the buttons are glued on. my favorite sewing hack—hot glue gun FTW!



now let us talk about this child.


we are wearing the same shoe size. so there’s been some dabbling in mommy’s shoe closet.


unfortunately for her the shoes mommy prefers are a bit too high heeled and mature for almost-12-year-old legs.

so she may look grown up, but watching her walk i couldn’t decide if the dress made her look mary tyler moore-ish…


…or the shoes made her look more baby giraffe-ish.


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  1. That dress is amazing, wish I was good enough to make something like that.

  2. That is GORGEOUS! And that first picture? OMG she looks so grown up!!!

  3. Such a beautiful dress! It's so stylish and classy!

  4. It is beautiful,black and white! I love it

  5. I seem to be a little late, but I just saw the latest round polls. I had to come over and tell you I LOVE the dress you made! It's beautiful! I can't believe you didn't make it thru!!!

  6. What a lovely dress! I really like the black piping and the pleats and the price tag. :)


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