Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sewvivor round 2: upcycle/recycle

here it is folks—round 2 of sewvivor is up TODAY!

and again voting is TODAY ONLY!

there was a problem last week, so the post went up late. so i'll make it nice and easy for you today.


and make sure you vote for MEMEMEME! #8! (picture me holding up 8 fingers, all american idol-ish)

okay, i'm kidding.

okay, actually i'm not. hehe. when i did so you think you’re crafty, i was kind of in a late pregnancy stupor. i was excited to be a part of it--but i kind of knew there was no way for me to take it to the end (the last two entries were due the week i was due and the week after!)

but this—sewvivor, i WANT this one. my unattractively competitive side is definitely coming out.

back! back i say! sorry, i just need to hit it on the nose with a rolled up newspaper occasionally.
so here’s some more detail about the project i've entered over there (cause, oh yeah—it’s about my sewing project too)


i started with this skirt. it was 50 cents at a discount store. it’s actually way cuter than it looks in this photo.


black and white striped fabric with a scalloped hem. the bottom has a printed white floral design with white embroidery over the top. so cute, right? but there on the front it looks like somehow a rainbow of paint got smudged.

oh well…for 50 cents it was worth taking home. and once i cut out the damaged section i had plenty of fabric for this:


it was simple…but isn’t that kind of the point of an upcycle? utilizing existing hems and buttonholes and zippers and design to make your life easier while still creating something “new”?

okay—here’s a secret. ready? lean in close…i really, really don’t like “upcycle/recycle” challenges. in fact…i almost HATE them.

i know, right? here’s the thing—i’m amazed by the things i see people do. but my brain just DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT. some people look at an item and see the potential of what it could be. but generally i come up with a design and seek the products to make that happen. you see? backwards. so when i walk around thrift shops and discount stores i feel like my brain is stunted.


hey look at that shirt. i could make that a…shirt. NO! gah! okay, try again…hmmm…here’s a cute skirt. what if i made that a…ummm…SKIRT! ARHGGHTHDOGUDHEOFHakjdl…

you see how it goes, right? am i alone in this? i don’t know why it is. i don’t have that problem in the fabric store. i run my hands over the bolts and see dresses and skirts and tops and curtains…i see the potential there. i guess i have a problem thinking “outside the box”. :(

(the above are the sum total of photos i took documenting my process. two.)

so anyway, when i saw the 2nd week of sewvivor was “upcycle/recycle” i broke into a cold sweat complete with pit stains. it wasn’t pretty. and i’ll admit—turning a skirt into a little girl’s dress isn’t exactly a stretch, but i’m happy with what i did.


in an unrelated note: this ice cream shop is literally 2 minutes from my house. i could walk/bike/drive there at any time. and they have RED VELVET ICE CREAM. and GERTRUDE HAWK BOX OF CHOCOLATES ICE CREAM. and, perhaps most importantly, A DRIVE THRU.
a drive thru ice cream stand.

and would you believe this is the first time we were there?????


an unfortunate situation i plan on doing my best to rectify this summer.


okay, that’s it. NOW GO VOTE!!!
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