Thursday, April 5, 2012

a brief pause

so there i was, rushing and running...sewing like a madwoman...ruffles for kate, my sewvivor challenge dress...photographing like a crazy person. two major projects due back to back and i (of course) had procrastinated both of them.

last week was a mush of doctor's visits--a cast change for ava, the next day by a full spine MRI for her. in between i squeezed in two doctor's visits for elliot, who began running a fever monday at the cast change appointment and hit 104.3 by wednesday night. thursday saw us back at the doctor where my poor little monster got two catherizations to check for a UTI. and of course friday morning she broke out in a rash--proving the fever was most likely viral and the caths were for naught. cue the mommy guilt.
this monday was supposed to be my "get 'er done" day--until poor ava's cast began slipping and rubbed a raw spot in her heel. another unexpected drive to the city for another cast change.

and when i finally sat down tuesday night to edit my sewvivor entry photos and send them off  i faced a blogger's worst nightmare:

my computer was a brick. a lovely, shiny doorstop.


so at 11:00 at night, with one hour to go before my deadline, i flew to my parents' house to use their computer (half expecting either a car accident or maybe a dead SD card in my camera. you know--murphy's law and all that)

but i cranked it out, and came back this morning to do some online shopping. my credit card is crying but the new computer is on it's way and should be here in a couple of days.

so between a lack of a working computer and my kiddos being off for spring break starting tomorrow, i'm going to have to say catch ya later alligators! (at least for a few days!)
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