Monday, October 10, 2011

one brown skirt

i have skirt issues.

not “i’m skirting issues,” (although i do tend to do that) i really have problems with the clothes for my lower half.

namely: my lower half is a bit, um, rounder than it was about, er, 13 months ago.
so many of my skirts don’t. quite. fit.

thus: skirt issues.

but the bigger problem here is shoes. because like many women, i have a large collection of them, and without the right skirt to coordinate—they sit, gathering dust.

so sad.

confession time: i wear my heels longer than i probably should when i’m pregnant. and when i get too swollen and unwieldy to trust myself teetering around on a 4” heel, i’m



i spend the rest of my pregnancy sighing and gazing wistfully at my pretty, pretty shoes. and then {responsibly} putting on my comfy, supportive, safe flats.

feet don’t have a fat day. feet look pretty, even when you don’t feel so hot.

slip on a pair of open toed slingbacks, and the world is your oyster.

feeling down? those shiny red platforms with a stack heel will cure what ails ya.

in a leopard print kitten heel, i AM marilyn monroe.

a salon pedicure is like balm to my soul.

amiright ladies? can i get an amen?
and these shoes…


needed a skirt. 


they needed out of the closet. they needed to

but they couldn’t. because i had no skirt to match.
the solution?

one. brown. skirt.


i admit, when i head into the fabric store all my worst magpie tendencies surface.

i see a shiny pretty fabric and it’s in my cart so fast my head spins.
but this time—this time, i was strict with myself.


i did things i never, well hardly ever, do—i checked fabric content. i squished the fabric up to see how it wrinkled. i looked for a touch of spandex for a nice fit. i stuck to a simple dark chocolate brown.
and then…


i used a pattern.



sure, when i say “i used a pattern”, that’s to be taken with a grain of salt. i play fast and loose with the rules of pattern following. i added french seams, i subtracted the waistband, i deleted the gored panel pieces.
and then i did a photo shoot with guinevere, trying to look as skinny as i possibly could.


how’s that?

but it doesn’t really matter. because even if i’m not completely happy with my belly (that carried 5 babies), or my, ahem, “girls” (that help give my baby chubby, chubby thighs), or my arms (strong enough too hug my googies)…

i still have my one brown skirt.
and with it,


i have my shoes.

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