Friday, October 7, 2011

attachment parenting

someone's been needing a little extra "mommy time" lately. not wanting to be put down at all.
but when you're a family of seven, life goes on.

and you have to fit in.
so we've been getting a lot accomplished lately with the "sling thing", as i call her, attached to my front.

trying to keep a semi clean home.

trying to keep food on the table.

all the while, whenever i glance down...

we did so well with the cooking and vacuuming that we decided to branch out into some of the other chores that needed doing.

some more challenging. more dangerous.

don't worry, i totally put her down when i did the tub.

we had a little "sweat shop" moment.


and then, well...i guess i just don't learn. or heed my own advice.

I don't learn

don't worry, all was safe.

it was like my own version of the Mommy Olympics.
you know...where the 500 yard dash is done in heels. chasing a toddler.

i could totally medal in that.
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