Thursday, May 5, 2011

do you see cobwebs on my blog?

my 'nesting' has begun to take on that manic quality familiar to so many pregnant women.

i was up at 3 am this morning, thinking about the family room that desperately needed attention. and then i got up and attacked it for 2 1/2 hours.

in the last week or so, i have cleaned out every one of my children's dressers and closets.

at last count--around 8 trashbags full of clothes and shoes to be donated, and around 5 bags of trash to be tossed (as well as some larger items that weren't bagged...just snuck into the trash when the kids weren't looking)

i've sorted, washed, organized and put away all the clothes i have for the baby.

i washed out the car seat and went through all my "supplies", organizing and putting away and buying the few things i was missing to be fully prepared for this little one's arrival.

this weekend girlfriend girl will be getting baptized. my girl, making a huge adult decision. so we will be having some friends and family at the house for dinner. this is the first time we've really "entertained" in months (usually a much more regular occurance).

between the hormones of my pregnancy turning me into a one-woman whirlwind of sanitization and the hormones of my pregnancy turning me into a, well, hormonal mess who cries every time i think of the big step my oldest daughter is taking and so i throw myself into other things to try and distract myself and the fact that our home is not anything close to what i would normally consider "company-ready"...

well,....just, well.

i'm sure you can imagine.

all of this, of course, tempered by the overriding need to not overdo and somehow throw myself into labor. which is a distinct possibility--according to signs my body is sending up.

so, until after saturday i'll be doing my best to clean from the comfort of a rolling ottoman. broom in hand, vacuum trailing behind, paper towels and cleanser tucked in my sides like i'm packin' heat.

17 days people.

17 days.
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