Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i made a dress…and it was all yellow

with full apologies to coldplay, i couldn’t help it.

the entire time i sewed my “sunshine” challenge dress for SYTYC i sang.


i made a dresssss…i made a dress for you

and all the things you do

and it was all



but i must be honest: this is not at all the dress i set out to make.

it’s really not even close. i had a sketch, a plan. i bought fabric and stitched away, creating…well, basically something i pretty much hated.

so i let it stew and simmer for a couple days.

and finally, when it was down to the wire, i took a pair of scissors and hacked off 2/3 of the dress. then i worked with the fabric pieces i had left to create this.


the “little miss sunshine” aspect of it was also a last minute decision. and i’m really glad i went with it (also thanks to some encouragement from girlfriend girl). i was fully convinced i would not be the only one to make that connection…


and, in a final burst of honesty: i found it extremely ironic that this last minute thrown together dress scored my highest votes yet.


but i’m glad you liked it. because i made it for youuuuuuuu…

(that’s supposed to be a singing voice…not a creepy one. which is kind of how it looks)

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