Wednesday, May 11, 2011

and now we wait

i'm boring. i know, and i'm sorry.

it's just that pretty much the only thing running through my head right now is "tenmoredaystenmoredaystenmoredays"

tomorrow it will be "ninemoredaysninemoredaysninemoredays".

and really...that just doesn't make for exciting blog posts.

i mean, i do get the occasional "what if my water breaks riiiighhhtt..NOW!" thought. but as suspenseful as that is for me, i'm not sure it really translates well to you.
because, well, my water didn't break.

suspense over.

i'm like the worst m. night shyamalan movie ever. you know, like, worse than the lady in the water or the lady of the lake or whatever that one was.

so, i clean. i "nest". i've washed tiny baby clothes, inhaling their precious scent and marveling over the fact that in mere days there will be a tiny body to fill them.

i've washed and assembled the car seat and it waits by the front door, currently filled with little bear's doll--her "baby sister" she calls it.

we took the kids to "build-a-{overpricedinsanelyexpensive}-bear" to make a present for their baby sister. it has their voices yelling "we love you baby sister" when you squeeze it's belly. ($8 additional)

my mom and i picked five's "coming home" outfit, something that has become our little tradition. (i pick, she buys. gotta love those traditions) it was a painful experience...literally. one that had me sitting on the floor of sears saying "yes. i love it. buy it. WHATEVER."

pretty much any sort of continuous upright movement brings on some fairly heavy duty contractions that start to get downright ouchy after a while. thus my unplanned department store sit-in.

i even went so far as to have googiedaddy get a suitcase from the attic and started putting stuff in it.

"hmmm...nursing bra? check. one pound of sour patch kids? check. whelp, i think i'm done here." (dusts off hands)
that's how you roll when it's #5 my friends. boil it down to the bare essentials.

and while this is all fascinating to me--being as i am a living, breathing incubator at the moment...i'm fairly certain it doesn't hold quite the same magnetism for you.

so, i'll just keep you briefly updated:


i think i'll go pull those sour patch kids back out of the suitcase. and maybe netflix a little m. night.
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