Wednesday, April 27, 2011

right now

right now i’m washing a load of tiny baby girl clothes in preparation. and having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that there’s going to be an actual little person in them in less than a month. (25 days or so really. but who’s counting?)


right now i’m eating a tart granny smith apple, which i haven’t been able to get enough of with this pregnancy. yum.

right now i’m admiring my ankle bones…which i know i won’t be able to see in a few more hours. ahh swelling…welcome back my third trimester friend.


ugh…yes, believe it or not this is good. it only goes downhill from here.

which leads me to…

right now i’m wondering what is up with the summer weather in april? NOT HELPING.

right now i’m wondering why i put ‘sweet escape’ on my ipod. or why i never took it off. sorry gwen, your time has come (and gone). i want more mumford & sons.

right now i’m looking at my project for next week’s round of SYTYC. and hating it. and wondering what i can do instead before tomorrow’s deadline.

and finally…

right now i’m avoiding the fact that my family room looks like this:


because i had googiedaddy pull ALL the clothes down from the attic for sorting and The Great Twice Annual “Seasonal/Size Clothing Change”.

a week and a half ago.

the spirit is willing, but the flesh?? so weak…

so share. what are you up to RIGHT NOW?

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