Monday, April 25, 2011

how many reasons you need man?

okay, so truth be told…i was really hoping NOT to win SYTYC’s “knock-off” challenge week.


no, really. i’m not just sayin’ that to make myself feel better.
the thing is, the winning craft has to post a tutorial. and to do a tutorial you have to document as you work. and you know what? I HATE DOING THAT.

which, really, is why you don’t see many tutorials on googiemomma.

i’m not a big planner. i sew organically—changing my design on the fly, figuring how exactly to do something by trial and error.


who feels like stopping to photograph every.single.step?

not this momma, i can tell you that much.

i give mad props to the bloggers out there who churn out those excellent tutorials. (not to go all early 90’s on ya or nothin’…but yeah, MAD props)

when i did my knockoff dress i knew there was no way i could come up with any kind of tutorial for it. i figured if, by some FLUKE, i managed to edge out the seemingly UNSTOPPABLE force that is seekatesew i’d come up with something. (i want to hate her. really i do. but she keeps leaving me sweet comments here. and she seems so nice. hmph.)


nevermind the fact i was actually sewing machine-less at the time. my baby was in for service. yes, my workhorse of a sewing machine gave out on me. $120 later helga is good as new. (ouch!) but my industrial machine also needed to go in for service (sniff, sniff), and the timing on my serger is all wonky and needs servicing.

what’s a gal to do???

the bulk of the dress was sewn at a friend’s home. us amateur stitchers need to stick together, ya know?


okay, that’s it. i’m done coming up with excuses. the fact is i was pretty happy with how the dress came out, and girlfriend girl LOVES it.

and that’s all i have to say about that.


now…have you been over to this week’s SYTYC challenge?

it’s “UPCYCLED”, and i had a BLAST with this one.
get thee to the voting! we’re down to six, and there’s some seriously awesome stuff over there!
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