Friday, April 22, 2011

take your protein pills and put your helmet on

this is it.

t minus 30 days.

i'm so close i can feel it.
no, really--i can literally FEEL it.

in every move i make it feels like this child is ready to...ahem...fall out.

fortunately i'm moving a touch easier these days. i had lots of concerned messages...and i want to give everyone an update.
i did a number of sessions with the physical therapist.

the "AHA" moment was when i said to her "i feel like i want someone to grab me by the head and feet and yank."

she said "can you lay flat for a bit?"
then we tried this..

okay, so it wasn't actually the rack. but it was similar. and ya know what? it helped. (those medieval guys were totally whiners. to me--that looks like the best.thing.ever.)
i don't know what it was--maybe it was the baby pressing on some nerve. and maybe pulling me apart a couple times like that jiggled something to move.
whatevs. all i know is i went from excrutiating pain on a constant basis back down to threat level yellow.
(whoa...astronaut mixed with medieval and a little government all mixed in today. keep up with my metaphors people--they move quick)
so thank you for all your well-wishes and concern. i really really appreciate it. more than i can express.
meanwhile i think we're finally beginning to realize that we're going to have a new baby in this house--sooner rather than later. it's probably time to start making some preparations.
if i can say this without jinxing myself--i really don't feel like it's going to be another 30 days. i'm having some serious contractions on a pretty regular basis.  this baby feels HUGE--she IS huge. huge enough that my midwife sent me for another ultrasound.
the verdict? "she's big, but probably your normal." thanks. what that really meant: "yes, you're going to be pushing another giant baby out of your nether regions. maybe next time you won't pick a 6'4" man to marry and father your babies."
so i'm trying to get know, just without actually moving. thank goodness for and the internet. :o)
with a few clicks we had boxes of diapers and wipes and nursing pads and butt is good ya'll.
the car seat and tiny girl clothes have come down from the attic.
when they'll get washed?

well...i still have 30 days. no rush.
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