Friday, September 3, 2010

a tiny post, or, romancing the poppy

party party party!

right before school started i let each of my bigger girls invite three friends for a teeny, tiny party.

i saw the one done by Lindsay over at the Pleated Poppy (HERE and HERE) back in June and i just fell in LOVE! it is the most adorable thing!

basically, i pretty much stole all her ideas :o) if you google "tiny party" you'll find lots of other inspiration, but hers was by far my favorite!

okay, so i did manage to come up with a few {lame} ideas of my own....but the good news is most of my IRL friends don't read other blogs as voraciously maniacally much as i do, so i come out looking genius! :o)

onward to photos:

water balloons on straws make perfect "tiny" balloons. and a tray of "miniscule cupcakes" waits for little hands to devour them!

basically, at some point while planning, i thought i might go mad if i said the words "tiny" or "teeny" again. Enter the handy thesaurus, where i looked for every and any synonym....thus, miniscule cupcakes.


mini cookies, mini celery sticks & tiny carrot sticks, hershey's miniatures {of course!}, and MUNCHKINS! brought by a friend {GENIUS!}

miniature grilled cheese sandwiches, diminutive pizza slices, and bitty chicken nuggets (popcorn chicken)

there were three things from the pleated poppy's party that i HAD to have:

#1 being the tiny milkshakes. too cute! (little bathroom cups from Target, the orange of the cups determined our whole party color scheme~they looked the least like "bathroom cups")


#2 thing i stole was inspired by from TPP's party was the adorable tiny party hats!! two packs of headbands from the $1 store, scrapbook paper and trims from the stash, and there you have it!

sadly, i didn't get a good shot of them all together before they went on the girls' heads. but trust me--they were really, REALLY cute!

after lunch we did our tiny painted masterpieces
(#3 from TPP)<--totally sounds like a rap song

they came out so cute!

next we did a couple of games:

yes, that's a tiny donkey. and he has tiny tails.

a miss.

don't judge my donkey. i drew him in about 20 seconds right before we played. (thus the need for clarification)

they had fun anyway.

then the girls took turns playing with a mini golf game and mini baseball game we had picked up at the party store.

i also sent them on a little lion hunt, searching for little lion erasers i had hidden around the living room.

okay, we're near the end now {promise}

they each got a tiny bag filled with tiny (aarrrghh! that word!) treasures:

i bought a 1/2 yd of 4 coordinating fabrics at joanne's, and mixed and matched them...
they had their initial sewn on, along with some tiny buttons and a ruffle.

a special shout out goes to googiedaddy, who stayed up and helped me sew them the night before the party! (yup, googiedaddy can get his sewer groove on like nobody's bidnezz...)

the small tag read "thank you for coming to our teeny tiny party"

contents: a tiny tiara, mini paint set, bitty notebook, undersized lollypop, diminutive bubbles, and some little lions

all in all, i'd have to say it was a tiny success...

even if it didn't have such a tiny price tag :o)

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  1. oh i love this! you had so many fun details! i would've never thought of the tiny donkey - it was perfect!

  2. This looks like a gas. I've gotta try it on the large people, no munchkins allowed.
    Did you send out 'regular' sized invites or did you mini them too??

  3. We did the same party for my daughter's birthday in July and it was such a hit! Looks awesome.

  4. So fun! I want to do a tiny party for Ella's party in December. I love all of your details!


  5. what an adorable idea--the balloons are genius..what a darling centerpiece they would make. you got every detail just perfect! stopping by from tatertots and jello!

  6. Oh my gosh! We don't do birthday parties, but if we did....this would IT! Love everything about it. Lisa~

  7. I loved the tiny party idea too!
    The tiny favor bags are adorable & your tiny games are so funny - I'm sure the girls had a tiny blast : )


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