Thursday, September 2, 2010

toy story 3.5

this past weekend little man attended a "toy story" themed party. dress-up was optional, but i'm always a sucker for dress-up :o)
but that little stinker took for-eh-ver to decide who he wanted to be. on friday as we rushed around joanne's fabrics i said "THAT'S IT. pick now or forever hold your peace."

and of course, he picked woody. not a shocker.
and also of course, i can NOT just slap a cowboy hat and jeans on the boy and send him on his merry way. in true googiemomma fashion, i must over-do. (it's all in the interests of accuracy, i swear)

and he went off to the party like this:

don't mind mr. goofy here. it's his best impression of a cowboy swagger.

anyway, here's the details:
hat: bought at joanne's. the most expensive part of the costume at $3.99.
shirt: no way could we find the right fabric. so we picked up a yard of a gold quilter's cotton and a red fabric dye marker (i didn't even know they existed!)
googiedaddy, being the sweetie that he is, drew grid lines on the pieces after i cut them out. (i just used one of little man's dress shirts as a pattern)

our inspiration watches us work:

his vest i sewed from cow print fabric, easy to find. i used about 1/2 yard, and again used an existing vest of little man's as a basic pattern, altering the front to more closely resemble woody's vest.

i hot glued a badge that we bought at walmart (and can i tell you how crazy it made me when i realized woody's badge is actually GOLD and i have SILVER...i may or may not have sent googiedaddy out to the shed looking for gold spraypaint...and i may or may not be a lunatic) the hankerchief is just a plain red fat quarter, 99 cents.

his belt, buckle & holster were made from a large sheet of brown foam and a small sheet of gold foam, 99 & 69 cents respectively. some fancy cutting and hot glue work, and voila!

including a paper towel roll match, cause we're hard core toy story fans here. :o)
and when i say hard core, i mean truly, truly authentic. the best part of the whole costume?

'there's a snake in my boot!'

a pull string, sewn on a piece of elastic for that snap-back factor, and made from a $1 store foam wreath sprayed white.

okay, i did draw the line at boots. but when googiedaddy reminded me that i could have written "andy" on the bottom....oh, it was so hard not to run out to the store STAT!!!

final breakdown? about $11 total. not too shabby.

and would you believe that was not the only costume i made for sunday's party?

we also had need of an 'EVIL DR. PORKCHOP' for a friend's little guy.

behold the EVIL DR. PORKCHOP JUMPER AND BEANIE (coming soon to a store near you)

he comes complete with a "cork", and in the back...

unfortunately this is the best shot i got of his adorable curly tail, and the black just above? his coin slot. (and not the nasty kind, thankyouverymuch)

ridiculously cute, no???

he was made from a couple yards of pink fuzzy stuff, some pink satin from my stash, and black felt for the hat and slot. the cork i had too.

and if that's just not enough cuteness for you,(you are sooo demanding) take a look at who i would vote for as winner of best costume. (even though i had nothing to do with this one)

ooohhh....the clawwww

and you want to know the really sad part? i sew costumes for my girls all.the.time. i can whip out a princess dress faster than a pillowcase.

but as i sewed up the woody costume i realized something: this is the first costume i ever made for little man.
bad, bad mommy.

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