Wednesday, September 1, 2010


edited to add: this giveaway is now closed! thanks to all who entered!

do you know what happened last tuesday?

well, to me, anyway.

i posted this.
it was my 101st post.

and then i glanced over at my google followers* widget.
who can guess what number it said?

yup, 101.

and i thought, hey, that's cool. really, really cool. i should mention that.

and then, well, life happened.

so here it is, a week + later, and i'm finally mentioning it.
and i want to say thanks!

thanks to everyone who comes here and reads, everyone who comes here and comments, just, well~~everyone and anyone!

i've been doing this blogging thing for 7 whole months now, and i'm enjoying it SO much.

of course, to thank you further...there's a giveaway! from me, to you.

remember these?

well, i'd like to give one away to one of you!!!



just leave a comment here. that's it~~no tweeting, no blogging, no following, no requirements (although i won't stop ya if you'd like to spread the word!) one entry per person, one bag per contest (unless i happen to get ambitious :0) hehe). 

let me know if you prefer the black leather, a buttery soft yellow leather, a rustic brown leather, or grey suede (fabric will vary to match the leather color). the winner will get a little clutch sized just right for holding the essentials.

thanks again!

p.s.~i'll leave the contest open until next wednesday, sept. 8 to give me more time to procrastinate allow more time for you to enter!

p.p.s~ i forgot about that little * i had up there next to 'followers'...what i was gonna say was~~is it just me, or do you HATE the term 'followers'??? makes me feel like some crazy cult leader. :0)
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