Wednesday, September 1, 2010


edited to add: this giveaway is now closed! thanks to all who entered!

do you know what happened last tuesday?

well, to me, anyway.

i posted this.
it was my 101st post.

and then i glanced over at my google followers* widget.
who can guess what number it said?

yup, 101.

and i thought, hey, that's cool. really, really cool. i should mention that.

and then, well, life happened.

so here it is, a week + later, and i'm finally mentioning it.
and i want to say thanks!

thanks to everyone who comes here and reads, everyone who comes here and comments, just, well~~everyone and anyone!

i've been doing this blogging thing for 7 whole months now, and i'm enjoying it SO much.

of course, to thank you further...there's a giveaway! from me, to you.

remember these?

well, i'd like to give one away to one of you!!!



just leave a comment here. that's it~~no tweeting, no blogging, no following, no requirements (although i won't stop ya if you'd like to spread the word!) one entry per person, one bag per contest (unless i happen to get ambitious :0) hehe). 

let me know if you prefer the black leather, a buttery soft yellow leather, a rustic brown leather, or grey suede (fabric will vary to match the leather color). the winner will get a little clutch sized just right for holding the essentials.

thanks again!

p.s.~i'll leave the contest open until next wednesday, sept. 8 to give me more time to procrastinate allow more time for you to enter!

p.p.s~ i forgot about that little * i had up there next to 'followers'...what i was gonna say was~~is it just me, or do you HATE the term 'followers'??? makes me feel like some crazy cult leader. :0)
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  1. the term 'follower' makes me think of zombies with a side of "take me to your leader"...

    sorry, but you asked :)

    congrats on 101! i can't believe you're one whole post ahead of me. i am such a slacker ;)

    very cool about the 101 post/101 followers thing. the other day on twitter, i had 107 followers, i was following 107 people, and i was listed 7 times. it was all very zen... til some spammer decided to follow me. boooo.

  2. I really do love your posts. I was just thinking as I walked to the computer "there are certain blogs where I'm especially happy to see new posts" and yours is definitely one of them! Happy 101st!

  3. Aww, that is too funny! I am at *almost* 100 followers, and am super excited too:)

    I love all those bags, so I would love any one of them!

  4. Congrats on hitting the 100 milestone. I'm almost there with my posts too. Here's to many more! Jenn

  5. I love this! Fingers crossed that I win. Congratulations on hitting 100+ followers. And yep, now that you mention it, it sort of sounds like a cult thing. :)

  6. Yes, the term "followers" is a bit iffy. But I only have three so I'm probably coming from a bitter and lonely place. ;)

  7. Hey! Thanks for the chance to win, would love the buttery yellow:) I have really been enjoying your blog--congrats on getting to 100+ "followers!"

  8. Well, I am a teacher, too, and I was jealous that your kids' teachers got such awesome gifts so I guess this is my big chance here, right?
    Congrats on your 101 celebration!

  9. those bags are way cute! - so many possibilities....

  10. Hmmmm. All this time I thought I was a follower, but alas, I was not part of the magical 101. I think I'm 107 now. Yippee! Thanks for the chance at such a cute bag!

  11. hi im not really anonymous-you know who i am--(hi friend- back) you also know i love your blog and check it continously :-) Thought I'd take a shot at a bag:-)


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