Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i got me a pen and a paper and i made up my own little sign



a marathon of signs for customers of my etsy shop.

wanna see?

alex's sign is going outside on his new playset. mom wanted a nautical theme, and the colors of the playset used.

brycen's mommy didn't pick a "set", but had a color theme for the baby's room (brown, blue, red & green). she also wanted something that wasn't too baby-ish and would grow with him.

declan's mommy liked the signs i've already done to match the "willow" bedding sets (i can't blame her--i heart that deer!) too cute!

and little ms. ellanor's moving into a teddy bear themed nursery done in pink, yellow and light green. her bedding set is "tender hearts", which i couldn't find a picture of ANYWHERE, but i did find someone on ebay selling the wall border, so that was my reference!

shipping out today~~i hope they love them!!!
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