Tuesday, September 7, 2010

beeeeee our guest be our guest put our service to the test!

oops! {is it just me, or does anyone else consistently type 'opps' first and have to fix it? anyone? anyone? bueller?}

okay, so i posted all about the teeny tiny party, but then someone commented and asked about the invitations!

duh! i mean, they weren't the end-all be-all of party invites, but i thought they were pretty stinkin' cute.

so here they are:

they ended up small card sized. in retrospect i wish i made them even smaller. but i think they came out cute and got the point across.

i worked out the wording/spacing/font on Word. after printing, i simply cut them out and glue the white paper onto a larger rectangle of patterned paper.

easy peasy. i made them up while sitting and chatting with a friend while our girls played. (hi friend!)

i'm linking up to some of these fine partys!
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