Wednesday, September 8, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner

i took the easy way out. no cute shots of my googies picking a number out of a bowl. that involved more prep work and photo editing than i'm capable of at the moment.

{allergies hit me hard at this time of the year...and i COMPLETELY DETEST AND LOATHE allergy medication. so i don't ever ever take it unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. believe me when i say: today it was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. however, it now seems as if my head is floating about 10-12 inches above the rest of my body. cool, huh?}

anyway, i was gonna go ahead and use one of those random number picker sites to pick a number. and then, even that seemed beyond me. (did you know they exist? they do! there's even a virtual magic 8 ball site...weird, huh?)

so i thought, hey, you know who NEVER wins? #1. they're always #1, but they never win. and you know what else? this is my blog, so i get to decide the winner is #1 if i want. pffftttttthhhh. (please don't leave my blog because i'm being so cranky...i swear, it's the medicine talking)

so here's to YOU, #1~~
and that is:
ana @ imadeitso who said:

"the term 'follower' makes me think of zombies with a side of "take me to your leader"...
sorry, but you asked :)
congrats on 101! i can't believe you're one whole post ahead of me. i am such a slacker ;)
very cool about the 101 post/101 followers thing. the other day on twitter, i had 107 followers, i was following 107 people, and i was listed 7 times. it was all very zen... til some spammer decided to follow me. boooo."

yes i did. i asked. and i agree--zombies. and aliens. and cult leaders. i am all of the above. yay for you ana! by virtue of my laziness, with a dash of  antihistamine and just a smattering of pms, (did i just say that on the internet?) you have won yourself a new leather clutch!

please send me an email with your mailing address and color choice! (yellow, black or brown leather, or gray suede)

and thank you again to everyone who commented and entered!
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