Friday, May 7, 2010

i'm not a blogger...but i play one on the internet

I guess it's this way for most bloggers~you have a "slow" blogging week, but in real life a lot is being accomplished. And so it's been in the googie household this week.

The hallway re-do is done, the living room update is getting there, the backyard is being torn up for new gardens as we speak, and Insanity was begun this week. I don't mean "insanity" like: "it's INSANITY in this house". But actual Insanity:


Let me just say: they are NOT kidding. As googiedaddy and I do attempt these workouts, all we keep saying is "This is insane." Oh, right.

What I'm trying to say is, my hammies hurt too much to blog, yo.

Meanwhile, much to my surprise and dee-light I've received another bloggy award!


Well, actually the same one I already recieved, but from a different person~Shauna Fofauna @ shaunadnauseam. I recently stumbled across superfunny Shauna's blog, and here's what you need to know:

1. she's funny
2. she's Canadian
3. she's raising a baby alone much of the time--her hubby works some crazy job where he's home 2 weeks and gone 4 weeks or something crazy like that!
4. bears get in her trash.

Yup, I think that "aboot" sums it up, eh? (yuck yuck yuck, doesn't my Canadian humor just slay you?)

Thanks Shauna!

So, what can I say? Honest Scrap Awards am I! Momma always said honesty was the best policy. And since I didn't finish my 10 honest things when Jessica bestowed this award on me, I will now continue with my list:

3. I have been known to take my kids to school in my jammies. Sans bra. It's not a good idea.

4. I judge other parents for the way they look dropping off/picking up their kids. I have a reason, they are just slobs. (yeah, I'm looking at you McSmokey, HelmetHair/CamelToes Momma, and Mrs. Muffintop) I'm not proud of this. But I'm being honest.

5. I hated having red hair when I was little. I swore I was going to marry an Asian man to be sure and not have red-haired children.

6. I'm a little sad that none of my googies have red hair.

7. My 5 year old (Tiny Tim) writes this:


I love it. I always read it this way: YOU I love. Emphasis on the "you". I think it means so much more, don't you? Not like yeah, yeah, I love you. Much more decisive than that: YOU i love.

8. The Insanity workout I was referring to earlier? Yeah, well someone may have peed a little in her their pants when doing it. I won't say who, but in their defense they DID have 4 kids.

Alright, that's all I've got. Up to eight now. I'll have to think of some whoppers for #9 and #10!

Seriously, all this honesty and blogging is making my triceps hurt.

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