Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chandelier Stenciling--Part 3

I know this is late...but my mom called this morning with an emergency.

And by "emergency"...I mean she wanted to go to the flea market. :0)

Part One is how I initially created the chandelier stencil** and made a pillow with it

Part Two is using the 2nd stencil I created to make an earring hanger thingy (totally technical term)

Part Three is about how cheap I am!

Kidding! But seriously, when you put all that effort into cutting out an intricate freezer paper stencil, why throw away the cut out image?

I experimented before with what I'm calling (for lack of a better term) "reverse freezer paper stenciling bleaching". I know, I know...brilliant. Stop, please, I'm blushing.

Here again, to review, is what I started with:


I did cut out two stencils, which should technically give me two cut-out chandeliers, but the 2nd cut-out image got too messed up to really use for anything. So I had the one good chandelier to iron on something.

"Something" being a shirt from girlfriend girl's drawer. I ironed my chandelier on low and off-set, wrapping it around the side. I used some of the pieces of the 2nd messed up image to extend a "chain" up to the shoulder.


Seriously--I love it like that--almost enough to make me want to cut out more stencils so I can do it in white on a shirt for me.

Put some cardboard inside the shirt, and take the spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of bleach and water outside and start spraying.

Last time I did this it was raining out, so I let the shirt sit for 2 minutes before I rinsed it. This time I did it in the sun, so basically as soon as I finished spraying I ran inside and rinsed it in the sink. (At least this is my working theory on why it seemed to lighten this shirt so much more quickly)

A quick wash & dry and this is what we have:


Cute, but it needs more.

So I picked up some iron-on rhinestones to add a little of the "bling" factor. I've been wanting to use these for a while, and with a 40% off coupon from Jo-Ann's I was able to get a pack of 300 in various sizes for about $8.


They simply iron on with a dry iron set to the "cotton" setting. I was able to basically lay out the entire design and then just press the whole thing in two passes with the iron.

Final result:


And on my model:


(sorry for the overly bright pics...i just don't feel like editing right now...all that flea marketing just wipes a gal out)

I think it was just the right touch! Unfortunately, its now an unseasonal 92 degrees outside. So I guess this shirt will have to wait for a cooler day!

Thus concludes our lesson on how to be cheap innovative with a freezer paper stencil! Hope you enjoyed it!

If you use this idea for anything you make, please let me know--I'd love to see it!

**I totally wrote "chandelier shtencil" the first time I typed that. And now...well, I can't stop snorting every single time I look at it. Every. single. time. Come on, tell me it doesn't make you laugh? Say it out loud. 

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