Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pillow Talk

I've needed throw pillows for my bed since we repainted the room and got a new bed frame and comforter...oh, way back when I was pregnant with LittleBear. I just got stuck. But I finally found inspiration on a trip to Target when I saw these curtains:


I bought them with the thought of turning them into some throw pillows for the bed. It just didn't work--the white and black of the fabric didn't match the white and black of my comforter. And my comforter is a busy pattern--which was not complemented by the busy-ness of the curtain fabric. So back to the store they went. But they got my wheels turning.

I love the chandelier imagery, but I needed something simpler. And I figured I could freezer paper stencil it. (You know, I've done it once, so I'm totally a pro, right?) So after a long internet search, I finally stumbled across this site, scrapNfonts.com. They've got tons of great fonts, .png files, brush sets--random stuff that you need want for crafting/blogging/etc. I was able to get a group of 13 chandelier .png files for $1!
    ***Note--I have nothing to do with scrapNfonts.com, just sharing a resource I found on my own!

I printed out the one I like best (in gray to save ink). And I figured since I was cutting one, why not cut two?

(why yes, I did just staple it right to the table. I saw the staple gun before the tape)

The cutting went slowly, but it wasn't overly difficult. I didn't cut out every small space, just the ones I felt were necessary to the overall look. And ironing the stencil to my fabric wasn't as difficult as I expected, either. (Sorry I don't have any pictures--I did take some of the ironing process, but the white on white just didn't really show anything helpful) Basically, I ironed down three sides of my stencil, and then worked my way across--slowly peeling and ironing down each piece little by little.

When I was done this is what I had:


Two negative images to stencil, and one cut out chandelier.

I painted them with black fabric paint. The fabric I used wasn't the best, it did bleed a bit. But I'm okay with some imperfection :0)


The rest is simple--cut a square for the front and back, sew together, and stuff.
One chandelier pillow, as ordered:


Before I sewed it, I did mess around with different options--beaded trim, top stitching, ribbon. I thought at first that it needed "more". But then I remembered that the POINT of this was a simpler pillow. So it may look a touch plain all by its lonesome here on the floor, but I really like it's graphic, simple quality.
I know--you have so many questions!!!

So how does it look on my bed? I like it, alot. But I'm not done--I need more pillows. So I'll share a photo of the bed when I'm done.

What are you doing with the other stencil, and the cut-out? Ahhh...for that you must return tomorrow! I have big plans!

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