Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reverse Freezer Paper--now with BLEACH!

Once upon a time I had a shirt from Old Navy. It had a heart on it that looked like it had been splattered with bleach.

"You know googiemomma," I thought to myself, "I think I could totally do that on a shirt. I think it would be totally easy."

And, because I'm really more of a thinker than a do-er, I promptly did not do that on a shirt.

And then I saw this post from lil' blue boo.

And I said to myself, "Well, there you go googiemomma. You dilly-dallied, and now you're totally going to look like a biter if you post about that." (because apparently my inner self talks in third person, and is stuck in the early '90s)

But WAIT! Boo used dye! And my idea was to use BLEACH! Which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! Opposite even!!!!! Look at all my exclamation points!!!!!!

So yesterday, because I am (again) one of the world's cheapest crafters, I couldn't bear the thought of throwing away the off-cut of the image I'd done for Tiny Tim's 100 days of school shirt. And realized it was perfect for my bleach idea.

We started with one plain cotton long sleeved tee, which girlfriend grabbed from her drawer, and ironed on the cut away portions of the freezer paper stencil:


I filled a spray bottle with a 50/50 bleach/water mixture, put cardboard in the shirt and started spraying. More heavily at the bottom, and lighter as I went up.
I let the whole thing sit for about 2 minutes, then removed the cardboard and rinsed the shirt out.
We threw it right into the washer and dryer, and out came this:

Cool, huh? I'm really liking that effect. And it was simple! I think it seriously took more time to explain than to actually do (wash & dry time not included) And talk about reduce, reuse, recycle!?!?!

Girlfriend Girl really loves her new shirt!
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