Monday, April 12, 2010

Shirt to Dress Refashion--AGAIN!

Are you sick of these yet? Well, I think I have a new trick up my sleeve. Read on to see how I got
from this......

to this!

I got the shirt for $1 on my first thrift shopping adventure.
I loved the vintage feel of the green and white stripes with the crisp white cuffs and collar, and the buttons--although plastic--are cute.


Unfortunately, once I got it washed and pressed, I sat there and stared at it, unsure where I wanted to go with it.

So I did what all good refashioning bloggers do when they have a sewer's block...

I jumped right in--I cut it in half. (really, just me? no one else does that?)
Actually, I cut the top of it off, just under the sleeves.

(Kind of looks like a bustier and shrug, doesn't it? Maybe I should stop here)

Now I'm getting somewhere. I want the buttons to go down the back, so I marked and cut my front and back dress shapes, using a dress that had the basic shape I was looking for as a pattern:


(Note: I kind of just hit the main points of how I did this. Alot of the specifics, like using an existing dress to make a pattern, or making ruffles, well--there's TONS of good bloggers out there writing posts on how to do it. I've done some myself. So I'm assuming you either know how to do it, or can figure it out, or will google them. I figure I'm wordy enough without explaining every little detail too...)

I decided to trim the back to be one of those little dresses that open up and show the panties/diaper cover (anyone know what they're called?)


(kind of looks like I'm making a mermaid costume, no?)

Now we start sewing:
First I serged all the edges, just to clean it up. Then I sewed the front and back together at the shoulder straps.

I totally left my toes in here on purpose. Don't hate--that's a shiny new pedicure you see...nothing says "spring" like pretty toes ya'll :0)

Then I unbuttoned the back and sewed the side seams up (inserting one of my little tags!):


What were the back darts of the shirt became a cute detail in the dress--the stripes changing direction and cute seaming.

This is the fun of refashioning~~for all intents and purposes, once I hem this I have basically completed a dress! But I wanted to add a little. So I took my collar and cut it in half.


The top part of the collar (with the points) I serged the raw edge, folded it into a basic bow and stitched to right on to the top.
The bottom part of the collar I sewed on a leftover section of striped fabric and attached it to the dress as a little pocket.
NOW we have a completed dress:


So all that was pretty easy, right? But I wanted a matching diaper cover. And when I looked at that top piece I had cut off--with the sleeves and back, I kind of saw the cover already there waiting to happen:


Do you see it???

Take the section of shirt, turn it inside out and hold right sides together. Sew the right sides together through the armpit area (which will become the crotch) and up a few inches on the front and the back.  Here's two photos that I hope help explain:


I don't really know how to explain it better than that. I think you just have to get a shirt, chop off the top and look at it. It will come to you :0)

Next I trimmed a little off the old arms/new legs, and cut the top off evenly to start getting a shape more like a diaper cover.

I cut open the french cuffs, separating the two layers of white fabric, and made four rows of ruffles that I attached to the back of the diaper cover.


Elastic in the top and around the leg openings (I used the pink cover for sizing) completes the look!



And the best part? Seeing it on my model/muse/Little Bear!

(most of our important photo shoots are done with the aid of cheese sticks)



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