Monday, July 8, 2013

i’m such a good wife.

my entire life i’ve been a Reader—anytime, anywhere, any lighting. i’d sneak books in my bed, reading by the light from the hallway. and so, my entire life i’ve had people saying to me “you’re going to ruin your eyes!”

guess what. turns out eventually they were right.

i need glasses now. boo. well, sometimes boo. because sometimes they can be cute, too. so when firmoo contacted me about trying out some of their glasses i was like YEE-HAW!
digging on that hipster nerd look? they got you covered. want something more classic? yup, they got it. even sunglasses.


i’m not the only glasses wearer in the house—my mister’s eyes are about 1000x worse than mine. and when firmoo contacted me about reviewing glasses, he was more in need of some new pairs than i was. so, i let him have it, err…them.

firmoo glasses9

yup. i’m totally the best wife.
firmoo glasses3i <3 nerds with glasses and bowties

okay—pros: these glasses are nice. just as nice as any pair we’ve gotten for him locally. they came in hard cases, with a little kit for repairs. shipping was fast, and the biggest thrill—the price was AWESOME. compared to what we normally pay for his glasses this was a HUGE savings (although these 2 pairs were given to us for review purposes, we did figure out what the cost would have been).
firmoo glasses11
he’s been wearing these two pairs every day for a few months now, and they’re just as nice as when he got them. seriously—dude is blind without glasses, they go on first thing in the morning and don’t come off until he’s going to sleep at night. jeremy has an astigmatism in one eye, so each lens is very different. the prescription was perfect.

cons:  honestly i can’t really think of any real cons. the only thing that was a little hairy was the whole process of entering all his prescription info and measuring his eyes. we couldn’t get the “virtual try-on” to work for us, so we based our choices on just the measurements and descriptions of the glasses on the site. we usually have a terrible time finding glasses for jeremy—he’s almost 6’4, and a big guy. most men’s glasses seem a little…smallish on him. but it completely worked—these glasses fit him perfectly. and in my honest opinion i think the ordering process is something that will be more difficult the first time and NBD every successive time you order from firmoo.
firmoo glasses10
also a con—having to force him to take these photos. he did not want to. at all. stinker. and then he gave me a straight face in every shot. so i made him laugh. i don’t even remember what we were laughing about, but i love these shots (even though his eyes are closed). ;)
bottom line? i absolutely recommend firmoo for glasses. if you know or have your prescription definitely give them a try. for the price it’s worth taking the chance, even if you’re nervous about ordering glasses online and not being able to try them on first. srsly.
got more questions? check out firmoo’s f.a.q. HERE.
disclosure: we were provided two pairs of glasses at no cost for review. but all opinions are my own, and i would never recommend or endorse a product i didn’t trust and believe in! true story.
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  1. That's awesome! I've gotten glasses for me and my hubster from in the past, and it's basically the same thing. I have everyday glasses, dressy glasses and sunglasses. I love having another resource to try (especially since the first pair is free with code FIRMOOFREE). Thanks for trying it out for us!

  2. Soooo... this has nothing to do with this post, but. I USED to have your email address. Then my email got hacked and I shut it down. Now I have a new email and no way to add old contacts! :( So, basically, can I have your email address??

  3. YAY, ASTIGMATISM! Wait, no. Those glasses do rock so hard and I think "Hipster" looks great on everyone. My mom wore a CAFTAN, ferchrissakes. As I am a huge subscriber of the second-most-popular hipster mode (it's called "Aging"), I love a square frame. Thank god and my father for my long face and sharp cheekbones. Plus, back before these were cool, they cost BUNDLES. Way before kids, I paid $650 for the perfect pair. Now I have tons to choose from for under $200. *sigh*

    1. hahaha! astig4lyfe! ;)
      oooh...and i like your approach to the Authentic Hipster...

  4. He's soo cute


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