Friday, July 5, 2013

or do you prefer tea? {free printable}

so we kept a theme for mom + dad’s anniversary present this year: a cake printable for mom, framed and ready for hanging in her kitchen; and for dad—a printable framed and ready for his office.

this one is a c.s. lewis quote—and it fits him to a ‘t’ (you see what i did there, right?)

just like yesterday’s, this uses free fonts from dafont, and the teacup graphics are from the graphics fairy.

and bonus! i actually made two. the watermark style teacup was the first one i made, but we ended up going with the second version with a teacup on either side. but both are here for your enjoyment.

no photo of the finished framed print…because when i got my camera out dad already had his picture out in the car. i’d say he likes it.

x’s and o’s ;)

cup of tea 2

cup of tea

right click and save to your computer. should go up to an 8x10 just fine.
free to you, love me. but probably don’t sell it on etsy. unless you’re gonna send me the money, then that’s cool.

fonts from dafont, image from the graphics fairy here

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