Wednesday, July 3, 2013

like cake? {free printable}

i guess at a certain point in your life there’s not much more ‘stuff’ you need. when you’ve been married 20 or 30 or 38 years, well…you’ve basically got it all covered.

which makes it incredibly, extremely difficult for your children to buy you an anniversary present.

for 3 weeks, off and on, my brother and sister-in-law and i would send out group texts: what are we getting mom and dad????
everything from the insanely complicated (build a pergola over the deck) to the overly simple (just take them out to dinner).

in the end we made dinner at our house for them, and settled on a gift that went over really well: family pictures, made into a book (thank you target one hour print!), a large framed family picture for the wall, and then a printed quote for each of them.

if you know my mother, you know how much this. is. HER.

love that julia child.

i initially saw this beautiful chalkboard quote done by etsy seller lily & val. it’s gorgeous. like seriously i-could-spend-a-small-fortune BUY ALL THE THINGS type gorgeous. but…yesterday’s post. yeah.
plus my mom’s 1/2 jewish blood would boil and froth over if she knew we spent $20+ for it. true story.

so i made my own, using fonts from dafont and the cake image is from the graphics fairy. which means i can offer it to you as a free printable. woo-hoo!

right click and save to your computer. should go up to an 8x10 just fine.
free to you, love me. but probably don’t sell it on etsy. unless you’re gonna send me the money, then that’s cool.
fonts from dafont, image from the graphics fairy here
last thought: if you printed this out on card stock, it would be super cool to do a light watercolor wash over the cake part in a color to match your kitchen. how awesome would it be in pink?
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