Monday, June 3, 2013

star wars…it’s nothing but star wars

i’m not a star wars fanatic. i just…don’t get it? sorry. i know it’s a big deal to a lot of people. but its just not my bag, doll.

that doesn’t mean, however, that i’m not up for a star wars related challenge. because—while i may not be a star-wars-ophile (is there a name for SW lovers? like a “trekkies” equivalent?)—i do love me a good challenge.

and a client came to me with this: good friends, expecting their first baby, a girl, total star wars fans, can i do a quilt that is girly—but not too girly—with a star wars theme?

turns out, i can.

star wars quilt2

we browsed some online fabrics, and agreed that this comic book style one was our fav. and that’s all the direction i had.

star wars quilt1

oh-and a minky backing. she liked that.

so i got the star wars fabric, and then had the toughest time finding anything that coordinated. the blue isn’t quite navy, the white isn’t quite white. any navy fabrics didn’t match, any white fabrics made the off-white look dirty.

star wars quilt4

but perseverance pays off. perseverance—and lots of hours in joann’s. i found two pink prints and one blue print that matched, and decided on a random block type quilt, with simple quilting in the blocks themselves.

star wars quilt5

a fuzzy pink minky backing and small star wars patch made the back.

can we talk about the binding too?

star wars quilt8

that’s right. i showed those mitered corners who’s the boss. boo-yah. (pats self on back).

and after trying (and rejecting) approximately 400 different ways of machine sewing the binding on the back side, i finally gave in…

star wars quilt7

…and hand sewed it. (pats self on back again, and gives self a cookie to boot)

i was pretty stinkin’ happy with how this turned out, and so were my clients. they couldn’t wait to gift it at the upcoming baby shower.

star wars quilt3

ava photobomb. she was so happy to be my quilt holder for these pics. NOT.

and in my best tv infomercial voice: BUT WAIT! THAT’S NOT ALL!!! i made two other items for this baby gift! and one will be up tomorrow! so come back and see my next star wars baby item then!

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  1. I'm sorry that you don't "get" Star Wars. So long as you're not anti-Star Wars, we can still be friends! :) Your quilt is most excellent, and if I ever had a kid, I'd commission one for sure. Your mitered corners are da bomb. Well done!


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