Wednesday, May 22, 2013

asparagus with feta and vinegar

alternate title: Asparagus for the Asparagus Hater.


true story.

i’m typically no fan of the asparagus. we have been nurturing a crop of it in our garden for three years now…truthfully, for me it’s more of an experiment and exercise in persistance vs some longing for bountiful harvests of fresh asparagus.

this year we picked our first stalks.


three. to be exact. one of which was too woody anyway and got chucked.

anyway, i saw a post from @lorchick on instagram (thanks lady!) where she showed an asparagus/feta dish. hmmm asparagus + feta? sounded good. sounds like something the mister would like (he’s the asparagus eater of the family). so i looked up a few recipes, allowed them to meld and process in my brain and then extracted this.


let me tell you something: the first time i made it i bought one pack to add to our measly three homegrown stalks. that first batch never even made it to the dinner table. jeremy and i and the oldest three hunched over the stove eating stalk after stalk. when it was gone we grabbed crackers to dip in the sauce lingering in the pan. the next day i got about three texts from him…i want more asparagus. i can’t stop thinking about the asparagus.

file that under “married almost 15 years”. used to be asparagus = me. used ta bes don’t count anymore ;)

so i went back to the store and bought more asparagus. LOTS more asparagus. and made it again. and this time, i took pictures to share with you.


make it. it’s made an asparagus eater of me. the oldest two googies were fighting over the leftovers on their sister’s plate. smelly pee is just a bonus.

it’s that good.



okay this may be the world’s worst recipe. more a set of vague ideas than actual recipe.

first: i used the honey ginger balsamic we bought at a local specialty vinegar shop. if you can get your hands on some of this, i highly, HIGHLY recommend it. it’s a white balsamic, and the touch of sweetness with it is…just yum. i can’t even be more eloquent than that. if you don’t have it and can’t get it, i would maybe sub either a good balsamic or red wine vinegar and add a touch of honey and a sprinkle of powdered ginger. mix this up in a bowl first and then add it to the recipe.


also, i didn’t and don’t measure anything. it’s a splash and a pinch and a spoonful. i did my best guesstimating, but my best advice is go with what feels right. it’s just olive oil and garlic—you’re not gonna hurt anything. ;)

final note: i don’t add any salt. the feta is plenty salty, and the final taste—a combo of sweet, tangy, salty, a little spicy and a touch of bitterness….yummmm…don’t need any more salt.

+ 2 bunches asparagus (3 lame stalks from your garden optional)
+ olive oil
+ chopped garlic
+ lemon juice
+ honey-ginger vinegar
+ pepper
+ crumbled feta

+ preheat oven to 425F.
+ prep asparagus stalks by washing in cold water in and breaking woody ends off (just hold both ends and bend. wherever the asparagus naturally breaks is bueno. throw away the bottom, keep the top. good job for littles.)
+ put the asparagus in a bowl and add enough olive oil to coat.
+ toss in a spoonful of finely chopped garlic (about 2 cloves)
+ add lemon juice and vinegar. i’d say about 2 tablespoons of each.
+ pepper to taste
+lay out on baking sheet in single layer
+pour the rest of your sauce on top
+ bake 10-12 minutes, or until tender and lightly browned.
+ top with feta and put back in the oven 1-2 minutes
+ eat it. ALL.

just thought you’d want to know: number of times i said “asparagus” in this post—20.


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  1. Holla!! Sooo good. And I totally gigglesnorted my way through this post as per usual. And it was me inhaling it off the little kids plates here. And now I can't stop thinking about asparagus, either....

  2. Autocorrect plus word captcha is a whole nother kind of hell

  3. Roasted asparagus, prepped with olive oil and sea salt, made a believer of my partner. Until he tried it that way, he hated it.

  4. My mouth is watering now.
    Holy crud balls that looks good!
    I wonder if it would work with goat cheese?
    I love asparagus.

  5. Omgoodness, I'm trying this tonight. Never before cooked (or eaten) asparagus so we'll see how this goes!!


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